Music is life, and this can be seen in India where there are millions of music lovers. Over 97 million people in urban India listen to music on the internet. There are also ways to download music from sites such as YouTube, which is changing how people gain access to their favorite music. If you love having music in your life every day and you own a home sound system, you need to know about these cool apps that allow you to take your music listening to another level.

Stream music around your home

What’s better than being able to listen to your favorite music tracks wherever you are in your home? With wireless home audio, you can listen to music in the bedroom, kitchen, or elsewhere. But, you can go one step further and control the music via apps on your phone or computer, with Sonos wireless home audio. The best part is that you can play music you’ve already got in collections on all your devices – tablets, computers, and phones. This means that all your favorite Indian songs can come to life. Although manufactured in America, you can purchase Sonos products in India, and you can get the Sonos app from the Apple store or Google Play store.

Turn your home system into a DJ deck

For many years, people have been enjoying listening to radio stations, whether offline or online. In 2008, India got its first internet radio station, but now you can have your own personalized online radio station at home – just by clicking buttons on your phone. This is thanks to apps such as Pandora (available on iOs, Android, and Windows Phone). Pandora lets you create stations based on the music you love to listen to. You can stream unlimited music every month. You can also stream Pandora to your house, such as with Wi-Fi enabled speakers or adapting your current music system so that it can stream music from the internet. That makes your home music system so much more integrated with your music collection.

Boost your speaker setup

Whether you have a professional music studio at home or you’re a music lover, having high-quality speakers is of the utmost importance. There are apps available that enable you to improve how well music plays and can be enjoyed in your home. SpeakerAngle and SpeakerPro are two examples. They tackle common setup problems in speaker systems, such as lack of distribution of sound in a room. SpeakerPro, for instance, measures the distance of speakers to people’s listening positions, which can, therefore, be used to ensure that you get the best music experience wherever you are in the room. Both of these apps can be used with iPad, iPod, and Apple iPhone.

Apps make listening to music or recording it so much easier and enjoyable. With apps that stream music throughout your home, turn your home system into a personalized radio station, and improve your speaker quality, you can ensure that you have the best music experience every day.