Based on the Linux Kernel system, the android is a mobile operating system that has over time been developed by Google and is designed for touchscreen. Touch inputs are used to manipulate the objects on the screen and have been used on game pieces of equipment, cameras and other electronic equipment. It is the most popular operating system with over one billion registered users worldwide. Its simplicity and applicability is the reason for the growing demand of this system with the young people adopting it at the fastest speed.


The high rate of uptake of this system has led to a massive base rate and this has made it possible to get approval for publishing by the regulator. There are real-time updates through SMS’s and emails and articles from RSS reader through a notification on the Android home screen; see more on Asrock Z97 Anniversary.

With this phone, you can use several applications at the same time; you can browse, send an SMS and download an APP while listening to some lovely music. Again, the system is compatible with the majority of online applications unlike other mobile systems; this makes it more user-friendly and thus you can take advantage of the millions of free applications online.

The frequent OS updates improve the performance of your phone and therefore it saves you on the cost of having to purchase a new device every other time. With this system, your phone can function as a router to share the internet.

Whenever there is a new application that is not compatible with your mobile device, you can always a modified ROM and there are quite a number of these that are saving for your phone.

The widgets on the home screen allow you to access a variety of settings easily. The lovers of Google and Gmail will find it very friendly when accessing emails and other stuff from Google.


For you to enjoy the benefits that come with the Android applications you must have an access to the internet and therefore a GPRS internet connection is necessary so that the phone can be updated whenever there is a new application.

Many applications contain viruses and therefore owing to that fact that this OS is friendly and always updating, there is a risk of being infected with such and this can lead to loss of data and in severe cases the malfunctioning of the gadget.

Yes, there is access to many free applications on the internet with this phone but the challenge is that you will be forced to consume the ads that come at the top or bottom of the application.

This system is wasteful in the sense that every other application, even the unnecessary will be updated in the background and thus the battery cannot last for long. This can be disappointing especially when you do not have constant access to a reliable source of power.

Due to its compatibility with many online applications, you will have many applications; this slows the processor, and ultimately affects the operability of the phone, something that can really be disappointing.

Above all the Android OS has many advantages, there have been many innovations by the operator to give solutions to the misgivings, and therefore there is hope for the future.