Best WhatsApp Status for Friends, Special Ones, Family, Happiest Occasions, Sad Moments

Sharing your feelings and emotions in the form of messages is something special for your loved ones. It increases the bonding between the two. In the today’s fast and hectic lifestyle, when everyone is busy in their life, sending messages or dedicating statutes on WhatsApp to your loved ones is one of the best ways to show your love towards them. Furthermore, these WhatsApp statuses are the real lifeline for the people who are in a long distance relationship as they cannot meet with each other on a frequent basis. The factual beauty of these messages or statuses is that you can share each and every emotion with your partner with ease.

We are here sharing some of the best WhatsApp status for friends, special ones, family, happiest occasions and sad moments.

Cool WhatsApp Status for Friendship:

Friendship is one of the best relationships on this Planet. Having a best friend and enjoying with him/her is the best feeling ever. You can celebrate your friendship by sending cool WhatsApp status for friendship which are mentioned below:

  1. A best buddy is one who knows how to handle your worst mood in the best way. He or She handles you in any situation with ease.
  2. Best friend is someone who also known as a synonym of family. He or She is an important part of our family.
  3. My best friend is the only constant thing in this fast and changing world who means a lot to me.
  4. Having a person who can handle all your moods is such a blessing and I am fortunately blessed with a person like this.
  5. Best friendship is somewhat where who should text first is not a condition.
  6. Even mirrors don’t see what a best friend’s eyes can. You can’t lie to your best friend.
  7. The most annoying yet the sweetest person of your life is none other than your best buddy.
  8. Sunday morning breakfast together is better than the Friday night drinks with best friends.
  9. I believe in friendship because it never loses its essence with time and stays as fresh as it was on the first day.
  10. I didn’t miss my School but I seriously miss the people whom I met in my School days.
  11. The most dangerous and killer animal on this planet is a fake friend.
  12. Even when I started to blame myself, my best friend stood beside me and also supported me.
  13. A best friend is one whose curses make us laugh and whose blessings surprise us.
  14. I am your best friend for a reason. I won’t shut up unless you open up about what happened!
  15. The most useless people on the Earth but without whom you are useless are undoubtedly your best friends.

Beautiful WhatsApp Status for Special Ones:


The word “Love” defines itself all its meaning. It demands lots of sacrifice. ‘Trust’, ‘Loyalty’ and ‘Understanding’ are the three main pillars of Love. Sending beautiful messages to your soul mate make him/her feel special. Here are the beautiful WhatsApp status for special ones:

  1. Most guys need 3 meals a day to keep going but I just need an eye contact or one phone call from you.
  2. There is not a word in the dictionary to describe how beautiful and mesmerizing your eyes are.
  3. You are the most beautiful and the most badass girl I have ever met. You are undoubtedly my partner in all crimes.
  4. How come you are not on the top of a Christmas tree while I thought that’s where angels belonged and you are truly an Angel for me.
  5. I am blinded by your beauty and Smokey eyes. I am going mad day by day while looking into your eyes.
  6. I never forget the day when we met with each other. It was one of the beautiful days in my life.
  7. You must be a very important and special textbook passage because seeing you are the main highlight of my day.
  8. Every night I looked up at the stars and matched each one with a reason I love you.
  9. I would love to capture each and every moment spending with you.
  10. You are the experience I didn’t know I needed!
  11. Thousands of nights in my life but I am still waiting for the night which gives pleasure to me by just talking to you whole night!
  12. My whole life is filled with the moments I had spent with you. I love to share all the creepy and sad stuff in my life only with you.
  13. I love you because you are my customized “someone”. Customized as per my mood swings, wants, and lifestyle.
  14. For us, we are just an inter-caste couple. For our parents, it’s a world war! But still I am with you!
  15. I may not have the sweetest face for you to look at but I do promise I have the biggest heart to love you with.
  16. You are always looking at the camera and I am always looking at you!
  17. Talking to you is like talking to me. You are like my active conscience.
  18. My wish is to dream about you, to marry with you and to spend my whole life with you.
  19. I never ever think about a single moment of my life without you. I can’t stay away from you.
  20. You are not one of those girls who wait for others to come and rescue them or bring them happiness. You are your own Cheerleader!

Blissful WhatsApp Status for Family:

A home is not home until it is filled with love, joy, and happiness. Creating random stuff with parents, sharing feeling with each other, and doing mess with siblings is exactly makes a family. You have to share your feelings and love towards your family by sending messages in case you are busy somewhere or out of station. Some of the blissful WhatsApp status for family are as follows:

  1. Hugging my Mom is an awesome feeling in the world. I forget all my sadness and regrets in my life and it always give me happiness and lots of love.
  2. When I say no one knows my darkest secrets, my brother doesn’t count.
  3. In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.
  4. I don’t need a fancy and big vacation. I would rather be happy with sitting for hours and talking random stuffs with my Mom.
  5. It is okay to mess with me but never ever try to mess with my younger brother.
  6. My Dad may not always be by my side but he is always in my heart.
  7. I never try to make anyone my best buddy because I already have one and he is my brother. He is my partner in all crimes.
  8. Mom has an amazing ability to know my sadness while I live miles away from her.
  9. Dark secrets, giggles, sometimes tears, me and my brother through the years
  10. My sister is a bloody mess. I love her to death but believe me she is really a mess.

Sparkling WhatsApp Status for Happiest Occasions:

There are so many happiest occasions occurring in a year which you can celebrate and enjoy with your family, relatives, and friends. You can even send texts to wish them on WhatsApp. Here we are giving some sparkling WhatsApp status for happiest occasions:

  1. If I had to choose again I would still choose you. Happy Marriage Anniversary to my love!
  2. It’s better to be a man who makes his woman feels special everyday instead of fake celebration of “Happy Women’s Day” every year.
  3. One day I asked my parents to buy a Black Monster for me to play with and I got you! Happy Birthday my younger Brother!
  4. Life would be easier if we were real sisters. Happy Friendship Day!
  5. I don’t have a New Year’s resolution. Actually, you don’t need that crap when you are absolutely awesome and perfect! Happy New Year!
  6. I promise you Dad that one day I will give you grandchildren who annoy and irritate me as much as I annoyed you. Happy Father’s Day!
  7. A special Thanks to my teachers for making all the lectures as boring as possible to prepare me for business meetings and presentations. Happy Teachers Day!
  8. No matter the weather, let’s celebrate Independence Day together. Happy Independence Day!
  9. I am just being honest that I can’t afford to treat you like a princess because I don’t have an Empire. But I can promise to treat you respectfully and as an equal. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  10. You are the reason even Santa has a Naughty list. Merry Christmas!
  11. There are 2 ways of spreading happiness and show the right path to others – To be the Candle or the Mirror that reflect it. Happy Diwali!
  12. Be a free spirit to play with colors and let the colors fill your heart with love and peace. Happy Holi!
  13. Hate the disease but not the diseased! Affected people are not dangerous and they actually need a hug from you. Hug them and spread happiness! Happy Aids Awareness Day!
  14. I hope the irony of scheduling your wedding so close to Independence Day isn’t lost on you. Happy Wedding!
  15. My house is not messy, it is custom designed by my children. Happy Children Day!

Heart Wrenching WhatsApp Status for Sad Moments:

When someone breakup with their partner, or if anything bad happens in anyone’s life then it is a very painful feeling which can’t be described in words. In such conditions, it is better to share your sadness and negative emotions with someone you love which will surely heal the pain. Some of the heart wrenching WhatsApp status for sad moments is as follows:

  1. Once they promised to spend every single moment together. Now they ignore each other like strangers.
  2. She writes poetry with her nails and decorates with her screams. I am just a crumbled paper and tossed aside after she is done.
  3. I captured you in my poems instead of any photographs.
  4. You went and I left you because some disloyalties are justified on the ground of self preservation.
  5. I miss those days when I used to be your favorite fragrance and favorite addiction.
  6. I chose you over my maturity, career and my family and you traded me for your priorities and preferences.
  7. When you have truly moved on, you don’t need to block anyone.
  8. She is a butterfly with broken wings yet every flower in the garden craved for her visit.
  9. My love would make you immortal in this mortal world and you would be left so much alone that you would crave for dying.
  10. You broke my heart so many times but I still want to fall in love again with you.
  11. Not all battles are fought to win. Some are fought because you believe in them.
  12. You shattered my every dream I saw with open eyes holding your hand.
  13. The bad part is you left me alone but the worst part is I am still hoping for you.
  14. Not every story has a successful ending but every story has moral. Mine was “Never ever fall in love again”.
  15. The worst feeling ever is that you dying to talk to her and being ignored by her daily.


Each person has so many emotions to share like happiness, sadness, fear, disgust, anger, surprise, joy, and many more which you want to share with your friends, cousins, parents, siblings, and your loved ones. Sharing texts with your special ones give you a big relief and peace. You will feel energetic and full of positive energy after sharing your feeling with them.

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