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TechieWord is the next big deal in the tech world on Google, and that’s what keep motivating us to bring the best out of us for the readers. The first thing that pops out of mind is that why the Tech Community of TechieWord exists? The answer is, many of the Tech blogs are not providing authentic information and also manipulating the results of the content, which is damaging smartphones, time, and data of many Android users around the world. Many have now complained that there are too many Tech blogs in the world and majority of the Tech which is 67% is not authentic and only made to generate traffic with revenue.

TechieWord is part of the other half, where we provide information which is tested and approved to be safer for our readers and your gadgets are much safer in out hands.

You must be blown away with the fact that we are not talking about the Guest Post, we want to make sure that what we are expecting from our respective contributors.

Write for Us: How It Works?

The TechieWord community is for every tech savvy person out there and he who has the intention to add value to the community and their precious time with the unique presentation and information you have to share with the community. Remember we only approve content which has tried by the contributor before we can publish on the site. We would like to take this moment and inform you that we do have few rules when you are planning to contribute to the community. These rules are a set of requirements so that we can deliver the best content you have to offer. If you are expecting to get a quick approval of the article, then you better follow the rules before you can proceed.

  • Unique Content: Don’t be surprised, we allow contributors who can write content which is not copied.
  • Which language do we accept?: Well, currently we are accepting only English written articles as of now, shortly, we might also allow other languages.
  • Prohibited: A modified article or a concept from popular sites are prohibited, hope we it does not need any brief explanation.
  • Decent Command on The Language: It doesn’t matter, what you speak and write but it is mandatory for you have a well written English language articles. We do not accept articles with spelling mistakes.
  • Word Count: We accept articles with details and that is only possible when the word count is 500+.
  • Overdo: As a reader, everyone wants content which helps them solving their issue and keep self-promotion of your brand is prohibited.
  • CopyRights: We have improved our copyright policy to avoid unnecessary copyright strikes, so make sure to provide content which is not copyrighted.
  • We do not accept content which is already written and published on the site.
  • You will be responsible for replying comments on your contributed content.
  • Profile: If you want to be a contributor then you must have a Gravar.com profile with a genuine photo on it, we do not allow users to have an unfinished profile, which is a negative sign in this industry.

Categories are allowed on TechieWord:

  • Android.
  • iOS.
  • Tips on Android OS.
  • Tips on iOS.
  • Android App Tricks.
  • iOS App Tricks.

Now that you have a pretty decent idea of what you need to get your article approved then why waste any more time?

Hint: If you are wondering if your content is relevant, you can check our previous articles similar to your content. Double check if your content is already on site as well to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

The first impression is the last, and we’ll see you soon.

Email: Contact@TechieWord.com