There are a lot of online movie sites out there on the internet but most of them are only scams or fake sites. You also might be uncertain to utilize them as most of them are likely to be involved with pirated or illegal content. The online movie forums are where a lot of people post what they actually liked about the movie and what they really wanted to see.

The filmmaker can only get benefited by being part of these communities. You can simply get for members of forums to post negative comments, but there are also members that post positive comments or offer useful constructive criticism that can make your next movie better. In recent times, a lot of people out there opt for the best online movie platform so that they can watch their favorite movie and web series.

There are lots of online movies platform available and amongst all, Choosing the right one would be a good thing. Amongst all, Project Free TV is one of the excellent apps. The Project Free TV, one of the most well-known TV show-streaming websites on the internet, mysteriously disappeared from the internet on 24 July, but the website is now back on a new domain. A lot of internet users thought that this was curtains for the long-running Project Free TV, as the website’s usual URL routed to the certain webpage, which was completely stripped of content or a design style sheet and simply said “Goodbye”.


What is Project Free TV?

Project Free TV is one of the very popular and well-liked website that links to thousands of other websites hosting copies of popular TV shows so that people can actually watch them online for free, and it also provides TV scheduling information. Each and every user have to do is log on to the website, search for a TV program and a specific episode they wish to watch, and then they are simply taken to another website where the video file is hosted and then also streamed in a web-based video player for free.

Project Free TV is one of the oldest and quite well-liked websites of its kind, but nowadays there are a lot of other websites that also offer similar services. Copyright holders often petition courts to get the internet service providers (ISP) to block the services, and the website has been also blocked in the UK since November 2013.

So Why the Domain Name Change?

A person, who is mainly domain search, reveals that the projectfreetv. So domain was registered on 1 of July, but no one online seems to know why this specific Project Free TV’s former domain is not really working or why the switch happened. In its place, Reddit users also have been discussing the alternatives, which can still allow and facilitate them to stream content online for free. Unlike some of the popular websites like Pirate Bay and Popcorn Time, Project Free TV doesn’t maintain a blog informing users of down times or updates.

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However, Unlike a lot of other websites hosting or even linking to pirated content, Project Free TV maintains the certain page all about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and how they can deal with any issues. The website says that this is simply the online service provider and that it does not actively monitor or screen any content uploaded to its servers by users. Yet this specific Project Free TV adds that the app only takes copyright violation very fatally and offers the clear guidelines on how to submit DMCA take down requests.

How To Watch Favorite TV Shows With Project Free TV?

The site is quite popular and watching the movies and web series are extremely easy and simple. Whenever you are going to watch the movies, the very first thing that you will have to do is to register your ID on the site. After that, you will get the OTP and put it to get confirmed. Once you done the complete registration process, you will get ample options. You will be provided by a section where the genres will be there such as thriller, sci-fi, romance, detective, action, adventure, comedy, horror and more.

So, you will have to select which movie you want to watch or which of the web series you want to watch. Once you select this, you will get the option of clicking it. So, there are two options like download and play online. If you want to watch it online, you will have to click on the play button. And if you do not want to watch it online, then you will have to click on the download option. Once this is downloaded, you will be able to watch it later. One of the important things that you will have to be sure about is the internet connection. You always need the strong internet connection while watching it online or downloading it. You will also get the option of downloading the subtitle as well.

Features to Know:

  • No virus– Whenever you are watching this online, you will not have to face any virus. There is no issue of virus.
  • Fewer ads- A lot of online movies are there that come up with various advertising features. Basically, whenever you are watching the movie or series in the site, you will not have to face any advertising.
  • No broken links– You will not have to face any kind of issues while downloading the movies. Basically, you will not get any broken link. The site is quite smooth and runs properly.
  • The site loads quicker than most
  • This also shows the most recently uploaded episodes for your favorite shows.

Project Free TV is the absolutely free website and offers you to watch all the popular and other TV shows, Is it safe to use? Well, a lot of user rather most of the users have said that this site is absolutely safe and extremely easy to use as well.

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