Movies and television together constitute the most common way of passing time nowadays. Gone are the days where people would go out on the streets and play with their friends. The trend of “Netflix and chill” has taken the world by storm. However, we cannot blame the current generation for this as the content has improved ten folds that what was several years ago which in turn would force children to go out more. However, these online sources of movies and television often don’t come for free which prevents many movie or television series lover not to make use of online content due to budget strains. However, to tackle this situation, there are several online websites which enable you to watch movies and television online. Project Free TV is one such source which enables you to watch your favourite television for free.

What Is Project Free TV?


Thanks to the forward march of digitalization, there has been an uproar of several online platforms which provides with good quality content. Since its inception, Project Free TV has garnered a large fan following as it provided free access to the latest and highest-rated TV shows and movies. One of the best features of Project Free TV is that it enabled you to view episodes of a TV series within the first 24 hours of it being aired live after signing up.

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Also, you can view these in various quality therefore not putting a burned on your internet connection and buffering speed. The popularity of Project Free TV was such that it had to lead to widespread concern when its services had shut down temporarily only for it to be restarted on a new domain. So, you no longer have to worry about accessing your favourite TV shows and movies for free on Project Free TV. Project Free TV has its own schedule for broadcasting various TV shows such that you don’t miss out on the latest episode of your favourite TV show.

How To Use Project Free TV?

One can easily access their TV shows from Project Free TV by just signing into their website and search for a TV show or a specific episode that you wish to watch. After identifying the TV show or the episode you wish to watch, you simply click on the link and you’ll be redirected to another hosting site which is equipped with a video player to show you your favourite TV show. Most importantly, you can stream your favourite show for free!

Despite being so popular for its services, Project Free TV has faced a lot of obstacles on the way before being popular among the people. Despite the issues, Project Free TV has not failed to deliver to its users. Due to the several challenges faced by Project Free TV, it facilitated the change in its domain to ensure its functionality.

Why Should You Use Project Free TV?

Give the popularity of streaming services nowadays, it might take some time to ease yourself into the trend. Gone are the days where people download movies, streaming services are the current trend. Project Free TV allows users to have a taste of what streaming services have to offer. Albeit the incessant advertisements may be annoying to many users, however, it may be a worthwhile compromise since you are able to access their services for free.

Moreover, since you are now able to get a clear picture as to how a streaming platform works, it will allow you to shift to another paid streaming service after clearing the air of apprehension around streaming services with the help of Project Free TV. It is important to note that even though Project Free TV provides the majority of all the good tv shows available, however, it doesn’t infringe copyright protection and in turn, making Project Free TV a reliable source of free entertainment at the cost of few shows not being available to the user due to it being copyrighted.

So, If Project Free TV Is Free How Do They Maintain Their Services?

Project Free TV is a legit movie and TV show streaming site which relies on advertisements for its revenue. This can be particularly bothersome, especially when you’re midway through an episode of your favourite TV show, however, it is a necessary compromise given the fact you’re receiving this service for free. It is important to note these advertisements may be a source of adware, therefore, precautions should be taken while viewing these advertisements.

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It is best to avoid these advertisements completely by not clicking on them no matter how tempting it may be as they will redirect you to a potentially malicious site and infect your computer. It is the necessary trade-off to view good content for free. You can take precautions by using antivirus or anti-malware software or simply ad blockers as it’s the advertisements which are potentially harmful and not the streaming content.


 Before you set up Project Free TV for an endless session of streaming your favourite TV shows for free, it’s important to see whether or not Project Free TV caters to your needs. Whether or not it has the content you wish to view, whether the user interface is easy to browse or not. Moreover, whether you are okay with the incessant advertisements which pop up every now and then and whether you are willing to take the necessary precautions to avoid any problems that may arise from clicking on these ads.

One may say it’s too much hassle for the proper viewing experience, however, one cannot ignore the fact that you’re getting this service for free. Project Free TV is easy to use where you just have to sign up and start streaming. So far, Project Free TV is one of the most popular free streaming services available online owing to its good content and security. Project Free TV enjoys a higher level of security in comparison to the other free streaming sites.