With millions of Android device users using Android phones, the tasks performed with these devices are also increasing. It goes without saying that the threats on these Android Phones are also on the uptrend. Android phones have an open system, which makes it an easy target for notorious malware to occur. There are many Android Security features available, by which you can secure your Android devices.

Threatening Threats

The threat to your Android Phone may come from hacking attacks on your device. It may also mean a lost or stolen device. There are many inbuilt methods to keep your Android phone safe and to protect your data.

Security Tips

  • Using pins to make your phone secure is the easiest measure, to ensure the security of all information on your mobile phone. It may be annoying to unlock your phone every time, but it is a good practice to keep any malicious outsiders, from using information from your Android Phone.
  • Patterns can also be used, but they can be easily seen and memorized by onlookers. Users should be careful while putting on their patterns.
  • Using Fingerprint and Eye Scan are other ways of locking your screen
  • The Android Device Manager can be set up to lock your phone easily. This not only helps to lock your phone, it can also be used to track its location, in case your phone gets lost. Any vital data can also be remotely wiped away if your device gets lost. There are many pre-installed lock screen protection measures available, on all Android devices. Just go to Settings and Security to get the protection required, to store data safely.
  • All data can be encrypted. You can encrypt your apps, images, and files. If your phone is not encrypted by default, it has to be turned on by going to “Settings”, “Settings”, “Encrypt Phone”, “Encrypt SD Card”. When data is encrypted, it will be hard to extract such data, in case your phone gets stolen. You can also upgrade to avoid data loss, by upgrading to Android 3.0 and above. By encrypting data, you can gain access to data, only by using a password or fingerprint. This will protect your data from unwanted third parties.
  • If you have important personal data such as email app, banking apps or social networks you will require security from malware. You can download the App Lock and provide security. Each app can have a different password for more security. To keep banking information more secure, you can also store such data on the internal storage, as they are more secure than storing them on the SD card.
  • Use only Google Play Store for all apps as they are more secure and have fewer chances of malware. Do not install apps on any third-party platforms. Infected websites may harm the Android phones and the data. You can also go to “Settings”, “Security” and check “Verify Apps”. Make it a habit to download apps only from trusted sources. In case you suspect that a particular app is harmful, you can easily uninstall the app. If you are going to use an app from any third-party store, it is best to check reviews and verify the app maker, before downloading any app.
  • Whenever you connect to a common Wi-Fi connection, you can use a VPN for android device , which makes your Android phone much safer to use with a public Wi-Fi. Without such protection, it is not considered wise to use such facilities. Personal data such as your credit card number and other sensitive data can be easily intercepted by third parties. Such vital information should always be protected and it is best to avoid any unsecured Wi-Fi network connections.
  • There are many anti-malware apps provided by big companies that provide antivirus solutions, such as Norton, Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, etc. It is best to use them, to protect your data and keep your Android phones safe.

In the world of Smartphone’s, the Android mobile is most susceptible to all types of security risks and malware. The operating system has to be kept secure if you are using the OS for business purposes too, as they contain personal information regarding your password and other financial details. Taking precautionary steps to protect your Android phone or your tablet has become a necessity in recent years, with malware on the increase.You can read more such security tips on bargainhunterblog. The blog has plenty of good reads on android tips and other trending topics that will suit your interest. By staying updated on technology and using various security tips on Android Phones, you can protect your information and your device.