Internet is a great source to get your favorite music with ease. When we talk about the best websites that offer you free music, then undoubtedly, YouTube stands at the first position. The huge collection of videos on YouTube has got all of your favorite songs in it.

Although listening to your favorite songs on YouTube is a hell lot fun, but the requirement of having Internet connection and buffering time rally sucks. Moreover, listening songs on YouTube becomes more irritating, when you have limited Internet connection. If you are wondering that how do you download music from YouTube for free, then do check out this article as I am going to explain that how do you download music from YouTube for free.

How Do You Download Music From YouTube For Free ?

While there are many plugins developed for major browsers, that can do this task for you, but still there are many easy ways as well. As I want you to be  comfortable in download the music from YouTube for free, so providing the best website that will do this task for you.

  • First of all, point your browser here.
  • Once there, just enter the link of YouTube video in the search field.
  • You can get the link of your favorite video by opening it in your browser and then copying the link from Address bar.
  • After pasting this video link in the required field, click on the ‘Convert’.
  • This will convert the YouTube video to MP3 file with the download link.
  • Click on the ‘Download Link’ to download that audio file.

So you have now successfully learnt that how do you download music from YouTube for free.