It’s a question asked by many smartphone users many times – Android operating system or iOS? If you’ve been using a particular operating system for a long time, you obviously tend to develop a liking for that OS.

But it’s always good to know what other options are available and how they work, especially if you are planning to buy a new smartphone. More than anything else, choosing the right OS is crucial when shopping for a new smartphone.

Understanding Of Android And IOS Operating Systems


When it comes to smartphone operating systems, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the clear leaders. Apart from the initial setup, the basic software experience remains almost the same for both operating systems. The main aim of both is to provide users with the easiest, fastest, and the most powerful features and functions as possible.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At Each Operating System:

iOS Operating System:

This is the operating system exclusively designed for Apple’s devices. Loaded with plenty of apps and user-friendly features, the operating system caters to almost all the requirements of the users. With the reputation for being fast and secure, iOS is often described as an easy to use operating system.

Apple gives much importance to consistency and uniformity of their products which is apparent from the way the simple layout of the iOS user interface has been designed.

Android Operating System:

Android is a Linux based operating system developed by Google for devices using touchscreen such as smartphones and tablets. It is an open source project, which means that other companies can modify the operating system and use it on the mobile devices they develop.

Unlike iOS, the continuing development of the operating system is not hidden from anyone. The platform supports a wide range of apps that can be obtained from the Google Play Store. While iOS gets the credit for being the first smartphone operating system, Android is by far the most popular.

Comparison Of Features:

Comparison Of Features



  • Android – You can modify almost anything
  • iOS – Limited

File Transfer:

  • Android – Can be done very easily using USB port and Android File Transfer desktop app. For connecting your android device to a PC without installing a PC suite, just download Android USB Drivers.
  • iOS – More difficult. You can transfer media files using iTunes desktop app and photos via USB.

Available On:

  • Android – Numerous phones and Tablets
  • iOS – Only Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad

File Manager:

  • Android – available
  • iOS – not available

Ease Of Use:

  • Android – Easy to Use interface. It gives you more control over your system and its applications.
  • iOS – Also easy to use. Offers only limited control over your system.


  • Android – Extremely affordable when compared to iPhones
  • iOS – Apple develops only luxury phones which means that you’ll never get them for a cheaper price except if you go for a used one.


  • Android – Since it’s up to the device manufacturers to deliver the patches and updates, chances are that most smartphones may not get timely updates.
  • iOS – Everything is controlled by Apple and hence, when a new patch or update is released, all Apple phones get them automatically.

Now that you’ve learned about both the operating systems, which one do you prefer? Android or iOS? If you’ve been using android for a while, maybe it’s time you stepped outside your comfort zone and tried iOS for a change or vice versa. Who knows you might just like the new OS!