Being the responsible parent that you are, you want your kids to harness the benefits of technology without exposing them to inappropriate content. Besides learning basic digital skills, smartphone games are great way to keep your children entertained and occupied.

Through Game Guide World you can find age-appropriate downloadable and online games for your child’s benefit. Kids stand to benefit a lot from playing android games including a boost in creativity, improve hand-eye coordination and some apps are a great learning resource for children besides being a source of entertainment.

Here are 5 of the best android games for your kids.

Cartoon games

The Google Play Store is full of games based on various cartoon shows and characters. Instead of letting your kids passively watch their favorite cartoon show on TV, you can make let them play a more active role through an android game where they control the movement and decisions of the characters.

There are several cartoon-based games like PJ Masks, Ben 10 and many other Cartoon Network and Disney cartoon characters. Most come as a free download but you can make in-app purchases to spice up the games with more features.

Cut the Rope series

Cut the Rope is a series of kid’s games that feature an adorable little monster that is hungry for candy and the kid’s role is to fee the monster some candy. You have to time the dropping of the candy otherwise you will waste and run out of them.

The developers have made it more child entertaining by including a funny soundtrack and it has several levels so your child doesn’t get easily bored with it. This is one of the few kids’ games that an adult can also enjoy. You can download for free but there are in-app purchases you can opt to make.

Duck Duck Moose games

Duck Duck Moose is one of the most popular studios for kids’ games. With over six games released to-date, the Duck Duck Moose games will have your building trucks, fishing, playing bingo, learning math, reading, and going on adventures. They are the perfect combination of learning and entertainment.

You have to download the apps for each activity individually though but the good news is that they don’t take much of your smartphone memory.

The games are designed to help young kids learn simple concepts in a fun and simple way. All the games are free downloads.

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is an educational app to help your kids figure out the correct word from a number of random letters.

If they get the word right, the app gives them the meaning of the word. Endless Alphabet is wonderful way for your kids to learn about language and grammar but the free version is limited so you have to purchase the app for a wholesome experience for your child. Totally worth it.

PBS Kids

As the name suggests, the app is developed by PBS, the broadcasting station. It is an all-round app that includes information when there is child-friendly programming on TV, adventure games, and a variety of fun games for your kids.

Like most great things from PBS, the app is absolutely free.