In case you did not know, there are levels of improvement when it comes to a shop management system. It is advised that you start with the basics, because your employees are going to have to spend some time getting used to the new software. Here are some additional processes you might want to consider automating.

Automatic dates

A management system has the ability to automatically provide vehicle status updates through text message, email and the shop website as vehicles transition through a general repair process that has been configured within the software. Communication with insurers and clients are also enhanced with automatic updates.

Audio recordings

Say goodbye to manual note taking during phone conversations. Whether you are speaking to a client, insurer or a customer, you are going to have to take note of some important information. This creates a lot of room for human error, which ultimately is bad for business. The management system will enable you to record and save phone conversations. You can then share this information with the necessary parties when required.

Integrate marketing software

Text and email-based advertising requires certain customer information for proper targeting. The management system stores customer reviews (good and bad), buying behavior, store interaction etc. Basically, everything you will need to know about your customer to send them information about the right products.

Digital documentation

The shop management system will enable you to go paperless, invoices, receipts, estimates etc are all stored in the system. Not only does this make access to documentation a lot easier, it also saves you space and money. It takes space to store documents and it costs money to buy ink cartridges for printing, paper, stamps and envelopes.

Wireless technology

Tablet, smart phones and digital camera technologies allow you to capture photographic and video information that enhances the repair and estimating ordering processes. Visual information can also enhance customer service as your clients are kept updated about how their repair is progressing. Wireless technology improves communication with both insurers and customers.

Managing and measuring progress

A shop management system will allow you to measure both technician and business process efficiency. The system will provide you with information on where you need to make improvements for both processes within the business and your employees.

Free trial

A shop management system will certainly add to the efficiency of your business if you get the right one. Therefore, it is essential that you try before you buy so as not to waste money on software that won’t work for you. Before you make a financial commitment, make sure that you have done your research.

One software program company offering a good free trial for their shop management system is Tekmetric. For the remainder of 2018, you can test drive the software to see whether it works for you. There are no contracts to sign, and if you decide that it’s not what you need by the end of the year, simply send it back without the fear of paying a cancellation fee.