Android allows smartphone manufacturers to re-think their hardware all the time as the platform becomes more and more advanced. The creation of high-end apps and games has led to more advanced hardware and increase in RAM, storage capabilities and GPU, CPU processors alike. But, still the OS is known to be a battery hog with mediocre battery in most of its phones. There are certain apps that lead to more battery draining and today we will let you know the top 10 apps of such kind. Beware of them!

Below are the top ten battery drainers in no particular order:

  1. Samsung WatchON: If you are a Samsung User, this app may be pre-installed in your device by the OEM. This is an app that lets the users watch their favorite movies and TV shows but drains the battery at the maximum. Avoid this app if you are a Samsung user, there are many more similar apps that perform way better.
  1. Snapchat: This is a must-have app for teenagers. But this is proven to drain your battery in no time. Snapchat should consider releasing a performance update to better the situation.
  1. Netflix:
netflix app

This is no surprise as the app allows you to watch digital content at HD quality. Any type of digital streaming content will drain of your battery pretty fast and to avoid that, the only thing you can do is buy a tablet for those sort of needs.

  1. Clean Master: This is the app most android users have installed on their mobile devices. This is akin to malware and should be uninstalled as soon as possible. The name of the app is certainly misleading as it cleans less and adds up more. It also runs in the background of your phone letting the phone perform bad.
  1. LINE: This messaging app is infamous for draining the battery real fast. Avoid this and use other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype.
  1. BBC News: This is another battery drainer. The app has really less updates and BBC should consider more performance updates to make it better. Otherwise, the user many consider different news apps available on the platform.
  1. Facebook: This is a no-brainer. The app has been killing the battery of users since its starting days. Facebook has been having really bad performance issues on all of its apps irrespective of the platform.
  1. Instagram: This app, popular among the teenagers messes up the phone battery as it’s processing requirement is more. However, the app is found to be performing quite okay on phones with huge battery power.
  1. BBM: Blackberry’s BBM messaging app is almost non-existent these days. Avoid it as it sucks your battery juice.
  1. YouTube: Finally, Google’s own app, YouTube too has performance problems on most of the Android devices. There is no real substitute or rival for this app but you can always consider third party apps which perform better.
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