VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server that provides a dedicated portion of a commercial server hard drive include memory. It is a 2in1 web hosting service model that combines the features of the dedicated and shared server. It is a virtual machine based on computer architecture to provide features and functionally of a physical server; allowing operating systems and software of their own choice. The points that help you to determine whether you are ready for VPS move or not-

  • Your shared hosting account has reached its limit
  • You require full access to your server & resources
  • You want privacy for your websites & applications
  • You don’t want neighboring sites to bother you
  • You want to run specific OS and applications
  • You want to offload the responsibility of server management
  • You don’t want to buy expensive dedicated server hosting services.

Web Hosting

It is service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website onto the net. The service provider is a business that provides technologies and service needed for the website or web page. If Users want to visit your website, all they need is to type your website address or domain into the browser. Their computer will connect to your server and delivered them through the browser.

There are numbers of hosting options are available. Before signing up for web hosting service, you should be well clear that what kind of service your website needs, the kind of server you and your business need :

  • Website builders
  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Collocated hosting


With a VPS, you will get all the power of dedicated hosting with the ability to have your own set of service and customise disk space while in a web you have limited administrative access and can’t customise software configurations. VPS can perform any actions from your control panel and don’t need to contact technical support with every single request.

Web hosting, it meets the demand of websites with low user-engagement, CPU consumption, and lenient security requirements. To be precise, this economical hosting model is best for the clients with small-scale sites and blog. Dedicated server hosting is a solution for high traffic generating websites with strict security and compliance demands. This web hosting model is highly expensive and demands technical graduates for handling the server infrastructure. On the other side of the equation, VPS hosting services, popular for its 2-in-one nature. It provides the performance, control, flexibility, and security. It is almost equivalent to that of the dedicated server, and affordability of shared hosting server. When it comes in terms of cost VPS hosting is comparatively cheaper. The main reason why web hosting is costly is that of hardware, installation, setup, and maintenance and in VPS hosting there is not much cost require in installing, set-up or maintaining. But in terms of power and reliability, web hosting is the best which has greater choice.


I hope you like the article and get the clear meaning of web and VPS hosting. Anyone have doubts, questions or inquiry related to the article please write in the comment box. I will be very glad to reply to your questions.