Youtube is an astonishing platform to perform and show your skills. Who knows you might become a celebrity over night. Many talents have made a name for themselves on Youtube and now recognized as the singer and even actors.

Some of them have made such an impact that they have become brand ambassadors of many products and major brands. Youtubers make a lot of money through advertisements, promoting, performing live or even guest appearances.

Each and every Youtuber has a unique style and idea of presenting themselves. Let’s learn how to boost the views on Youtube.

Boost YouTube Views: 2 Simple Tips to Increase Your Video Traffic

Research As Much As Possible, Implement & Engage

In the race of competition, you need data on what people like and what they are looking. You have learned your audience behavior and understand what they want. You can get views after four to five months before you work, but for that, you have started in the right place.

What you can do is to find out what your audience are looking for, for that you can use Google provided tools such as Google Trends, Keyword Planner, Video keyword planner, Twitter trending &, News.

Build a Strong Relation Between Viewers & Your Brand

When you are researching, you should better follow your competitors as well. Did you know you can gain more information on what people like from your competitor’s videos.

You can get new video ideas from the competitor’s comments section, which most of your competitors ignore. You can take advantage and compile a video for that audience. After the video is uploaded, you can comment all of those people who have asked for that category of video.  To avoid spamming, you can ask them to visit your channel to watch the video of their choice.


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