If you are an iPhone user you must be familiar with the issue of not charging. There is plenty of misleading information which you will come across about the reason behind such charging issue. Many experts suggestions also claim to change the battery in case if your iPhone is not charging properly.

However, in reality the following are the actual reason behind improper charging of your iPhone:

It is the software of the phone that determines the charging.

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If your device does not support charging then buying a new battery will not at all solve the problem. If any hardware issues arise associated with the phone then in majority cases it is the charging port. But before jumping into any conclusion first cross-check the root of the problem and find whether the problem is related to software or not. In case the iPhone has a software issue you can try the following:

  • Give our iPhone hard reset
Type of iPhone How to hard reset
Old models , iPhone SE, 6S and 6S plus Press and embrace the home and the power button together till the logo of Apple appears and leave
iPhobne 7 plus and 7 Press and embrace the volume down button and the power button together till the logo of Apple appears and leave
Newer versions like iPhone X, 8 plus and 8 Press and embrace either the volume up or the volume down button along with the power button together till the logo of Apple appears and leave

The Lightning Cable

One of the other reasons behind your phone not charging may be your lighting cable. It may happen that there is no detectable damage to the cable. You can charge your iPhone from your computer’s USB port instead of charging it via the wall adapter given with the phone. While charging from your computer you can use the same cable as that of the wall adapter. If it functions properly in either of the one location then the cable is in a good condition.

A short-term solution

You can use these quick tips before taking your phone to some servicing. These tips may not analyse the actual cause but they will surely help your iPhone to charge.

  • Try to balance the iPhone when at charging. This is because the charger cable is susceptible to snooze off when much pressure is inserted on it.
  • An old cable of 30-pin along with lightning adaptor is a better combination in comparison to the usual lighting cable.

You can try the above solutions in case you diagnose that your iPhone has a serious hardware issue especially issue related to the adapter.

If you want to get it checked by a professional, find an iPhone service center in your locality. They will be the best person to get you your phone back.

Reference: https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT201569