Due to the rising costs of living, more and more people are finding that full-time employment isn’t enough to keep them afloat. Thanks to the technological age we live in, however, it’s become easier for people to start businesses at home or make extra income online during their spare time.

Whether you’re struggling to pay the bills or you want a little more in your savings account, make the most of everything your smartphone has to offer and see how much extra income you could make. Here are five side hustles you can start (and grow) from your smartphone. 

eBay Expert 

Have a home full of junk that’s cluttering up your space, or wardrobes full of clothes you never wear? Start selling your unwanted items on the eBay app and get paid for clearing out your cupboards. Clothes, collectibles and electronics tend to do well in eBay auctions, but you can sell just about anything as long as you have a PayPal account and a post office nearby.


If you’re looking to earn some extra income, download the TaskRabbit app and register as a “Tasker” today. You could make money from helping people in your area in your spare time, doing anything from assembling furniture to cleaning and ironing people’s clothes. Just like a freelance contractor, you will set your rates and then send your client an invoice when you’re done. It couldn’t be simpler! 


When it first arrived on the scene, blogging was considered more of a hobby than a business opportunity. However, we now belong to a time where successful bloggers and YouTube stars have six-figure incomes, and having an impressive following can make you a celebrity. The good news is, you too can blog from your smartphone, wherever you are in the world.

Don’t view starting a blog as a get-rich-quick scheme, as it could take some time before you start to monetize your posts. However, if you build up enough of a following, you can make money through selling products and including affiliate links on your site. Get started now with a free website builder and see if you can turn your passion into profit.

Dog Sitter 

If you love dogs, you’ll be happy to know you could earn money for spending time with a furry friend by signing up for DogVacay. This app connects you with dog owners and allows you to set your own rates and preferences. You can offer additional services such as walking, grooming and overnight care to increase your income. 

Virtual Assistant

If you have experience in marketing or administration, you could start your own virtual assistant business from home using just your smartphone. All you need to do is create a website, make sure you have a secure Internet connection and reliable smartphone, and then you’re ready to start advertising your services. If you don’t have much experience, you may wish to take a virtual assistant course so you can brush up on your skills.