If you are looking at honing your skills as an engineer or have a particular interest in a certain field of engineering, you may wish to study a masters of engineering online. This can help you to gain particular knowledge in your chosen area and as it is completely online, it can be completed in your own time and at your own leisure. Below are some of the specialist areas that a master in engineering can offer you.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers can find jobs in many employment areas such as electronics, machinery, transportation equipment and computers. You may pursue exciting careers in things such as aerospace engineering or product design. You may help build the next spacecraft that is sent to a different planet or design the next big commercial product that is taken to a marketplace. Helping make and shape these machines is a privilege not every engineer gets to have, therefore if this sort or work interests you, you may wish to purse a master in mechanical engineering.


If you are interested in making the world a healthier place and enjoy the molecular and cellular side of engineering, then bioengineering may be the next step in your career. Being a bioengineer means you may work in pharmaceutical engineering, creating safe and better medicines that will be given to those with certain diseases or conditions, helping to change lives for the better. If you wish to work within the public rather than in a laboratory then you may wish to pursue a career as a medical scientist, researching and carrying out clinical trials in order to make advancements in human health. The University of California Riverside offers engineering online that can help you improve lives.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is best for people who love to invent, explore and work on different types of software projects. Most of the tech companies nowadays offer a comfortable working environment to their employees and can even work on flexi-time. Others are even able to work at the convenience of their home. Being one of the most in-demand jobs nowadays, an average salary of a software engineer can reach up to a 6-figure mark.

Environmental Engineering

If you are interested in helping save the environment and shaping the technology of the future that will be more economical, then this may be the career choice for you. There are specialist courses in water systems, helping you to understand separation processes and modern water treatment systems. You could work as a wastewater process engineer, giving those with unsanitary conditions, the chance of clean, fresh water that will change their lives for the better. You could help design and build the next water facility than provides drinking water for those who may not be lucky enough to be able to go to the kitchen sink and fill up their glass.

There are many engineering jobs that can suit every need and skill set and these are just three that can be offered as a master in engineering. Many engineers have the opportunity with a master’s degree to improve and change the lives of the public. If you have a special interest in doing a job for the greater good and arriving home from a day’s work knowing what you have done will have a positive impact on others, then download a brochure today and begin your journey into completing a masters in engineering.