Mobile technology is quickly becoming a primary platform for everyone. Apart from the increase in the number of mobile users, there’s been a dramatic rise in the number of users who use mobile apps and internet to research information about products and services. The apps are being used as a weapon of differentiation for increasing engagement and increasing the overall experience.

According to the State of Mobile Apps survey, 48 percent of the participants plan to increase their budget on the development of mobile apps, out of which customer service apps will be given the top priority. From car dealership companies like to deal and coupon companies like Groupon, everyone is taking the mobile app route. Here are some ways mobile apps have been working for different businesses.

1. Fashion

Fashion retailers and companies are able to update customers on the latest clothing line available in their stores and also provide advice on the accessories for the outfit they’re currently wearing without the customer visiting the store.

2. Restaurants

Mobile apps are used by a large number of restaurant owners. They’re using them to give discounts to customers, updating them about the changes in the menu, telling them about the meals of the day, and sending special vouchers.

3. Clubs

Even clubs are using smartphone apps to inform customers about the new deejay in town, promoting new parties, and providing a VIP gesture to customers who use these apps to explore their premises on more than once occasion.

Companies that are getting involved with mobile applications to help their businesses are receiving several benefits. Here are few advantages for businesses of expanding their presence beyond store fronts and websites.


1. Customer access

Mobile apps have allowed customers to access the company offices and storefronts directly from their mobile devices and tablets. With the advancements, they’re able to view the whole line of products and services, find detailed information, compare prices, read reviews, talk to live support and feel as they’re standing in the company office. Increase in customer access has led to a rise in customer engagement and conversions.

2. Increase in revenue

Companies are witnessing an increase in revenue through increased customer loyalty. The apps are making customers ‘feel special’ with all the discounts, deals and promotions they receive. Customer loyalty programs have already increased brand visibility and push notifications are being read 97% of the time. Due to the combination of these and other factors, there has been an increase in revenue.

3. Intended and unintended targets

Through mobile apps, companies are being able to reach intentional and intentional targets. The apps are increasing the presence of the company among a larger customer community which has increased the possibility of greater brand recognition. Therefore, the companies are finding new customers automatically without paying the cost of traditional advertising for different areas.

As mobile applications continue to see improvements, companies have an opportunity to capitalize on the growth and provide customers solutions that are best suited for their needs.