Android is the most popular Operating system. The popularity of android is due to millions of applications available for it. And most of them are available free of cost. The best source for downloading the android apps is google play store. You can either download the free apps or buy the paid apps from there. I have downloaded some apps from google play and used them in my android 4.04 ICS, mainly top 5 apps from every category paid, free and grossing apps. So, today I am going to write about “Top 5 Free Android Apps“. Hope you will enjoy these apps and write down your comments in the comment section given at the end of the post. Or you can subscribe for our newsletters from right sidebar. Or contact us from contact us page.

WhatsApp Messenger

If you are addicted to sending SMS to your friends or beloved ones, then WhatsApp Messenger is the great app for you. WhatsApp Messenger is the app compatible with android 2.1 and higher version of android, windows phone, blackberry, iPhone, and Nokia Phones. The biggest advantage of using WhatsApp is that even you can send pictures, audio, video  to your friends. It uses your internet connection. And Sync your friends from your phone contacts if they are in WhatsApp. There is no limitations on how much messages you are sending over WhatsApp. This app is free for first year only. Then you will be charged .99$ per year. In google play rating of WhatsApp Messenger is 4.5 out of 5.


Facebook is the number one site in world(Alexa ranking). Almost every person is in Facebook. The addiction of social media is all over the world. And Facebook is the best social media website. Keep updated with your friends activities in facebook. Share updates, photos and videos. You can chat with your friends with Facebook app quite fastly. Play facebook games and enjoy various facebook apps. Although rating is not so good in google play (3.6 out of 5).

MX Player

MX Player is best player for android smartphones. I have used VLC, FLV player and many others, but there are some problems associated with all the video players. VLC runs all types of video but hardware decoder’s performance is not so good as in MX player. MX player runs all video files smoothly. Powered with new H/W decoder. It is the only video player for android which supports multi core  decoding. Compatible with android 2.1 and higher version. You can use pinch in and out for zooming. Rating of MX Player in Google Play is 4.7 out of 5.

Change My Voice

Now you have some fun with Change My Voice app. Record your voice and change it. Modify it with lots of effects available in this app. You can change your voice to ROBOT, CHILD, MEGAPHONE, CHIPMUNK, CAT, serveral WOMEN’s and MEN’s voices. You have control over your specch speed via this app. Effects that you can add in your voice are Echo, Chorus. But there is a problem with this app that you can’t save the modified voice. Compatible with Android 2.3 and higer version. Ratings are 3.9 out of 5.

After checking many browsers for android, I have found that none of the browsers are as good as UC Browser. It is the best browser for android. Other browsers have crashing issues. Recently UC Browser has changed their logo (In UC Browser 8.5.2). Compatible with android 2.1 and higher android. Rating of UC Browser is 4.5 out of 5.