A proxy or a proxy server acts as a shield between the client and the server computer. There are thousands of free and paid proxy servers on the market. It is advisable to use paid proxies as their connections are more stable and secure and protect the client‘s data and system from being hacked or damaged.

How business can benefit from using proxies

More and more business organizations are using proxy servers to remain anonymous on the web while still carrying out data extraction services. They can also hire the services of an expert proxy application that automates the entire process. Currently, proxy service provider oxylabs.io is setting the pace in the proxy world, offering both proxies and already to use web scrapers.

Let’s find out how businesses benefit from the use of proxy servers.

  1. Better business security

The internet use for all business activities has been on the rise, and the same applies to cybercrime. A proxy reduces the chances of hacking as they add a robust layer of security to the client’s system. However, make sure to use a competent proxy server to increase your security levels significantly.

  1. Keeps your identification anonymous

f you want to browse the internet and scrape specific data from websites for business information and monitoring, proxy servers are an ideal choice. They allow portraying multiple organic users’ sessions to data sources. Hence with the help of proxies, they avoid blocks and gather the data effectively.

For instance, say you are an online food chain, that requires information regarding your competition, like the clients’ contact info, location, company policies, or customer feedback. You can use all this information to track customers, find the weaknesses of your competitors, and move ahead of them. With a proxy server, you can easily access the competitor’s website regularly without being blocked or banned. For this purpose, businesses could also use residential IP proxies that are legitimate IP addresses. Hence, it is almost impossible to get a block.

Proxy servers are also very beneficial to professionals like security personnel and reporters who access sensitive data on the web without leaving any tracks online.

  1. Better speed and bandwidth saving

Using proxy servers not just speeds up internet browsing activity. You can also save on bandwidth, as proxy servers cache files and even block ads.

  1. Access to blocked websites

Many organizations will prevent certain websites from access as a measure to tighten security. Also, some sites cannot be accessed from certain countries. A good proxy server will go past these hurdles and aid you in accessing geo-blocked content.

  1. Monitoring digital campaigns

Companies invest high amounts of money in hiring digital marketers for promoting their products and services. These businesses can stay anonymous using proxy servers and track the execution of their digital campaigns to ascertain that they are marketing optimally.

How to find reliable proxy servers

When investing in a proxy server for your business, make sure you opt for a reliable proxy service provider. Check online reviews and check all the features and functionalities of the proxy server to make the final decision. Proxy servers should be easy to use, run at high speeds, and secure enough to protect the client’s IP address.

Steps to start using a proxy server

Installing a proxy server on Windows 10.

  1. Open your system and head to the settings window.
  2. Open⇒Network and Internet section.
  • Click on the Proxy tab.
  1. Select from the list of available proxies.

Installing a proxy server on Windows 8

  1. Open your system and open the PC settings application
  2. Click on Network Proxy icon
  • Select from the list of proxies, type the proxy’s URL and save your settings

Note: In case your PC is unable to detect the proxy automatically, type the IP address and the port number of the proxy manually.

Installing a proxy server on Mac

  1. Open your system⇒Open System Preferences⇒Click on the Network Icon.
  2. Scroll down⇒click on the Advanced button.
  • On the right-hand side in the same window⇒Click on the Proxy tab. A list of proxy protocols appear.
  1. Select a proxy. Enter the IP address and the Port number, and click OK.

Note: To set up a proxy manually, select a proxy and type its IP address and port. If the proxy is password-protected, enter the username and password.


There you go, the installation is complete and now your system is much more secure. With little guidance and knowledge you can easily learn how to use a proxy server like a pro.