Introduction: Android lovers have got so much abundance in choice that iOS and Windows users are jealous of them. Budget devices are selling like hot cakes these days with specs being bettered every year and aggressive pricing being pushed by many OEM’s. Most people can find mid-range devices with flagship specs and today, we will discuss two of the best devices available in the market, the Lenovo P2 and the Moto G5 Plus.

  1. Build Quality: Both the devices are made by Lenovo and they feel premium with the P2 being the thinnest counterpart. Both pack a uni-body metal design and there is no compromise on the build quality except that the G5 Plus has a shiny chrome frame that surrounds the phone, which may be turn off for some.
  1. Display: The Moto G5 Plus packs a 5.2 inch IPS LCD display while the Lenovo P2 packs a slightly larger 5.5 inch AMOLED display. The Lenovo P2 wins here because of AMOLED.
  1. Specs and Performance: Let’s get to the most important part of a smartphone. Both the devices pack features that are akin to any flagship. Both smartphones run on a snapdragon 625 processor and come in both 3GB/4GB variants. Both of them have internal storage of 32 Gigs and can be expanded up to 128 GB if you use a single SIM. Coming to the battery, the Lenovo P2 is a clear winner as it thumps the Moto G5 plus with its humungous 5100 mAh battery. The G5 Plus only has 3000 mAh. The P2 can easily last 2-3 days depending on your usage while the G5 Plus can hardly last a single day. Coming to the camera, the G5 Plus beats the P2 in this regard as it sports a better camera which gives excellent shots. The P2 has a 13 MP rear camera with 5 MP front one while the G5 Plus has a 12 MP main camera and 5MP front shooter. The P2’s shots feel more vivid and a bit unnatural. Both pack fingerprint scanners that are fast and do their job.
  1. Software: The G5 Plus comes pre-loaded with Android 7.0 Nougat while the P2 comes with Android Marshmallow. Here, the G5 Plus is a clear winner as it comes with stock android with no skins. Also, the P2 recently got the Nougat update which slightly improved the performance of the device. Lenovo also packed a lot of additional features like VR mode, double tap to wake and many such.
  1. Pricing: The Lenovo P2 is available for a cheaper price as it was released in January while the Moto G5 Plus is a couple of thousand extra.

Conclusion: If you are a fan of stock android and camera performance really matters to you, then pick the Moto G5 Plus, otherwise the Lenovo P2 smashes the Moto G5 Plus in all the departments, mostly in the battery life, which is the major selling point of the P2.