Web hosting is essential for any business to be it, individual or group. You have to decide which type of hosting is more beneficial to you depending on various factors such as speed, reliability, service, and cost.  Today we will discuss the major advantages cloud hosting has over traditional web hosting and why it is becoming more and more popular. We will see how it trumps over web hosting in three different areas. Let’s chime in and find for ourselves.

  1. Performance: Cloud hosting uses numerous servers compare to limited and in some cases, single servers used by Web hosting. This results in more speed and fewer hassles. In reseller hosting, if something goes wrong with the server, your website is affected and ceases to work until you fix the server. Thus, it is not recommended for businesses where you sell online. Web hosting only suites people with a small hustle blog and small business that doesn’t sell all the time.
  2. Speed: Another important area where it trumps web hosting is in speed. It is really fast as it is based on the cloud and has various backup networks. Cloud hosting can be trusted in this regard even with high unprecedented traffic. Traditional web hosting uses only a limited bandwidth and can cause hassles and be painfully slow when the server is down. The entire website business will come to a halt due to this and can cause severe losses. Cloud hosting is therefore really preferred in medium to big online businesses.
  3. Security: In web hosting, security is installed through apps and as such, it is very fragile in nature. It can be hacked and can be exploited by people adept at hacking. People using web hosting must make every effort to keep themselves safe from vulnerabilities by enhancing their security levels through obvious procedures like replacing passwords often and installing anti-virus and malware applications that serve them good.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, has top-notch security that can be trusted as it is a big server network. Companies that provide cloud hosting are well versed with the pitfalls of not having built-in security and therefore take all the measures required.  A big website ( example: an e-commerce site) that does huge business every day cannot afford to be prey to malware and hackers. Therefore they host their sites on Best cloud hosting sites.

Conclusion: In a nutshell, cloud hosting trumps traditional web hosting in all major areas except maybe pricing. Web hosting is cheaper but then, you get what you pay for. Cloud hosting is way better in performance, speed and security levels. We would recommend it any day over traditional web hosting if you’re running a website with moderate to good traffic and don’t wanna lose customers over basic issues. Cloud hosting is worth it in the long run even if you may find it expensive. The benefits outweigh the cons and we say definitely go for it if you can afford it.