Top global research agencies have predicted major changes in the business environment for 2016 and the years that will follow. One of the pivotal points of focus around which the dynamic market is set to revolve is the indispensable digital transformation (DT). The reports have indicated that the potential digital revenues are likely to accelerate by more than 80% in the 125,000 organizations that have implemented DT strategies. Therefore, the scope of DT holds tremendous potential in the long run.

About digital transformation

Often individuals wonder what digital transformation is. It is best explained as a shift from the conventional approach to adopting a collaboration of emerging digital, media, and social technologies. This process involves greater use of technology to enhance and accelerate the organizational experience. Big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the three main aspects that propel the digital transformation strategy forward.

Impact of digital transformation on businesses

With DT, organizations have the ability to commence global operations. A globalized business economy is indicative of increased efficiency, reduced risks, and higher flexibility. When every business activity is digitized, integrated, and optimized, the entire buying and selling chain is realigned and made traceable. B2B organizations are rapidly closing the gap with their B2C counterparts in rising up and surpassing their customer expectations. By 2018, over 67 percent of the CEOs of the Global 2,000 companies would have adopted DT as the beacon of their business economy.

Gearing up for a digitized future is most definitely a challenging task. It involves creating digital capabilities where a company’s activities, human resources, organizational structure, and innate culture are realigned towards a new strategy. While digitization has influenced all major industries around the world, there are some like publishing, media, film and music, as well as gaming that have been more impacted than the rest.

Career prospects in digital transformation

The latest global hiring trends evidently show increased demand for digital experts. The data in 2015 show that digital marketers were the most hired resource across the globe. Digital jobs are expected to increase in 2016 and in the upcoming years. The digital economy is enabling easy job movements.

The change with respect to DT is evident with the creation of new roles in the market today that includes digital strategists, chief digital officers, digital engagement managers, digital transformation consulting experts, digital supply chain managers, and much more. These new titles are gradually but inevitably going to replace the traditional roles and therefore the need to adopt a change in career strategy is immediate and demanding. Many organizations today are lacking in suitable resources to fill in these positions. Hence, the time and market are both ripe to witness the entry of qualified digital experts who can run the strategy for tomorrow.

Digital transformation courses

DT requires new skills and capabilities. The introduction of digital transformation courses has become immensely popular. Several niche training institutions impart education on the most sought after technologies including but not limited to robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data networks, and big data. Professional diplomas in digital marketing and several specific courses accustomed to the requirements of the digital economy transform individuals into industry-ready digital experts. There are several institutions that offer programs related to DT. One of the programs launched by NIIT under the digital transformation series is Java Enterprise Apps with Dev Ops.

Availability of the right talent at the right time is going to be a huge differentiator in the upcoming years. Research reports show that by 2018, organizations will double the size of their software development teams, thereby focusing entirely on digital initiatives. Analytics, AI, and IoT will drive new revenue streams. The ecosystem is ready, the demand is going to be inevitable and the supply can be met only with the availability of digital-ready professionals.

The world will gradually be engulfed by the Internet of Things and the adoption of this technology is going to be inevitable.