The to do apps in apple are designed for who perform several tasks, and the tasks can be noted in these apps which are give or sort ought by its importance, these apps make tasks are simple. There are so many apps are designed for apple users here we are going to see few best to do apps 2017, and we can see the paid and free apps in increasing order.


Orchestra is a different type of to do app in which the user can give different tasks to different person this can be done with the help or phone number and email address, and users can know the status of tasks that who are perform which task and the progress of task.and another appreciation of this app is available for free.

Wounderlist Task Manager

This is a app with a calendar can see simultaneously, the important notes can be kept separate as priority base and can be view separately this app can provide enough marker preference to different clients, and one of the best thing is this can be used in all macs and personal PC s. And this app available for free.

Air to do

In this app we can create a single to do list with or without so many tasks.

And the operation is very simple and the tasks can modified according to our need on any time and this app have facility to access to the social network like twitter and facebook.and cost is similar to its work performance,$ 1.99 for download.


This app is available for $2.9.this app have tendency to accommodate multiple tasks and can be divided with the help of folders, each folder is divided by its importance vise like payments and bills van be store in one folder and reminders, schedule reminders can be placed in another folder simple in operation and simple to add up tasks, can be view or reach the task in less time.

To do note (awesome note)

The note with ample of managing operation features in this app we can note the tasks to calendar, and the tasks can be noted by week and month or day purpose, this app has a easy manual operation can handle by any individual, lengthy notes can be added on note bar folder this app may be available for $3.9.

2 Do

This app is available for $6.9,apart from its price the functions performed by this app is outstanding, the tasks which are noted or saved in this app can have an action option like calls and emails, this app can access the phone book and call list, this app also integrated with social network like facebook, the best thing is about voice recording task, this app can store or note the voice record based on some of these features the app speaks more than its price.

When you are working on a project on your Macbook and suddenly the app stops working, You can use the Force Quit Mac application feature to go out of the App quickly and restart it again so that you can save time and get back to your App on Mac