Being a freelancer also comes with added freedom, but it needs a lot of extra adulating that you don’t quite. Most importantly, you need to track your time more diligently, manage erratic payment schedules, pay taxes quarterly etc. Luckily, you don’t have to do all the things on your own because hundreds of great tools available that specifically make your life as a freelancer much easier. Here the list of top ten favorite and must-have freelance tools that supports for your business management.

  1. Bonsai For Contracts & Invoices:

It is the simple tool that allows you to create solid contracts for freelance work, next it will e-sign them, create invoices, as well as get paid online. However, the contracts are free.

  1. Accounting: Wave Accounting:

Wave is one of the popular accounting tools that can be utilized by freelancers. This tool includes payments, invoicing and other accounting tools like payroll.  Of course, you can use these tools without paying money but you need to pay only for payroll, credit card payments and support. Now you can also utilize advanced freelance tax calculators that also support easy management.

  1. Portfolio- Dribbble:

It is the best tool showcase your work as well as you can also easily interact with other designers. This tool is fully featured and supports your business management.

  1. Time Tracking- Toggl:

It is one of the best times tracking tool and it works for every range of business. With the help of this tool, one can easily track time with the one click. First of all, this also creates beautiful reports to show your customers or clients.

  1. Mozy – Backup Solution

Mozy is the best tool for the people who need Cloud backup solutions, once you sing up with this tool then it will automatically back up your data, at the same time allows you to get web-based access to files.

  1. Task Management- Google Tasks:

Normally, freelancers prefer to communicate through email. In that time google task will help a lot because this allows them to get proper information about every task.

  1. Reputation management- Trello:

Trello is one of the favourite reputation management software among others because it is very simple and free which supports you to organize your work. It can be utilized by freelancers to agencies.

  1. Email- Mixmax:

In general, email is a pain for every business person but now the Mixmax tool makes all the process as much simple. This tool support you to track emails, set reminders, get snoozes on emails, embed rich content etc.

  1. Depth Contact Profiles- Falcon:

As the business owner, it is important to know about your clients and customer. It is important to take your business to the next level. Falcon helps you find small details about your clients that also make a great difference when you closing a deal.

  1. Personal Finance solution- Manilla App:

This app allows you to get your personal life organized as well as this tool also save all your financial bills, accounts, loyalty programs in one place. This tool comes with great security.