Using blogs are very common these days. Those who are a bit net savvy and like to spend hours before internet reading interesting things, blog is perfect platform for them to enhance their skills and knowledge. People use blogs for different purposes. Some people use blogs to gather online popularity. Many use this for sharing thing and also, some other people use this to enhance their website’s visibility. So, what’s your choice? Whatever may be your choice, you have to create some blogs that have excellent contents to offer to readers. Despite of using interesting contents, many people do not get enough readers for their blogs.

1.         Share You Blog

This is the era of social networking and social bookmarking. Through these socially driven sites, you can get a lot of traffics towards your blog. This would possibly enhance your chance of getting more dedicated readers towards your blog. Hence, sharing your blog link into the socially driven sites is effective for enhancing the number of blog readers.

2.         RSS Feeds Share

Instead of sharing your blog’s link directly, you can share the RSS feed link. This will allow the readers to get and navigate all the sites of your blog. Hence, this will minimize the bounce rate of your blog by assuring quality readers.

3.         Email Newsletters

Using the email newsletters is an effective way of having connection with the readers. With each new update, just send an email to your readers and they will get all the updates from you.

4.         Email Signature

With the use of email signature, you can also get high traffics for your blog. Just share your blog link into the signature of your email profile. Each time, you will send an email, this will come by default.

5.         Blog Commenting

This is another effective method. For making a blog successful with heavy traffics, you can do blog commenting in several blogs with your blog’s link into the signature.

6.         Posting Otherwise Blog

This is simply blog posting that we use to for our website promotion. Write good content and watch yourself at the higher end of Google. High rank in Google means higher number of readers.

7.         Using keyword

For SEO campaign, keywords are the keys. Get more effective supporting keywords to get high success in search engines. Good and precise use of keywords, make a blog beautiful to read as well stable enough to fetch money.

8.         Internal or External

If you want to have a high flow of readers towards your blogs then both external and internal links are important.

9.         Directory Sites

The online directory sites are quite effective to get a high rank as well as high traffics for your blog. Thus, using them is not a great deal.

10.       Patience

Those who are into this SEO or search engine optimization field should keep patience after implementing a method.

Blogging is one of the amazing outsourcing options out there and promoting is one of the key elements to grow your blogs bigger so that it carries more contents and attracts more organic viewers to your site. Being one of the hardest parts of Blogging, people think promoting takes lot of money to advertise your blog. But, there’re also other ways or you can say way that are completely free but they contain so much value that it can promote your blog right away. These ways are often mis-leaded and kept hidden from the bloggers. Today, we’ll unveil the free secrets to promote your blog which will help you to attract more organic readers within very short amount of time.

  1. Writing Higher Quality Articles

Without writing higher quality articles, your blog is useless.  You need to focus your writings more on the topic and research it well enough to give it to your readers as they want to take the best information from them. So, generate high quality articles and give up writing poor and useless contents.

  1. Provide Blogs to Directories

Submitting your blogs to other top rated blog directories will surely enhance your blog performance and you’ll start to see the difference. Don’t use reciprocal link to promote your blogs and it can be pretty handy for you in the long run.

  1. Join Networks which Associates Blog Community

Joining other blogging communities is one of the best ways for your blog to get promoted without expending or throwing off your money. But, make sure that your contents match the directory of the community you’re joining with; otherwise it won’t bring any help for you. It’d help you to attract more visitors to your blogs.

  1. Post Informative Blogs Frequently

One of the main reasons to become failure while promoting your blogs that you spend more time in promoting than writing frequently. Readers want to digest new information as soon as it gets published. So, post blogs regularly.

  1. Commenting on Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is a great way to connect with other bloggers and sharing your thoughts together. But, make sure to comment relevant posts or else it might generate negative impression on your site.

  1. Usage of RSS Feeds

Using RSS feeds is another fruitful way to generate more readers including the old ones coming back to your site everytime.

  1. Responding Your Readers in a Decent Way

When you get more readers, you generate more income, so use a decent language to contact and respond to your fellow visitors.

  1. Use Social Media Tools

Using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites can be very useful to generate newer visitors from the hub of social media sites.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Take your attention to SEO tools and improve your site’s ranking by optimizing SEO. Research newer keywords and make them valuable.

  1. Hold Contests, Giveaways

You can hold various contests by depending the nature of your site to generate new visitors. If you want to spend some money, then consider giveaways. They’re one of the greatest ways to promote your site.