The social media is a great way of connecting with many people across the globe.  Although there are many social media sites that have cropped up on the internet, only a few have gotten big an applause and have the largest number of signups and members. Among these sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and linked have attracted many people from across the globe, with most of these people using their social sites for different motives. In addition to all these, companies too have taken to creating ‘fan pages’ on these social sites. Creating these pages is a way of attracting in more clients and reaching out to many prospecting and potential clients from all over the world.

Nevertheless, in the event of creating these social media pages, one can only receive, or reach out many people if he or she has optimized the pages for a larger audience. This calls for urgent measures of taking into consideration various and beneficial optimization tips to make the whole process a success. Here are various ways in which one can employ to market his or her own page, or company page, as a way of gaining more traffic and popularity.

1.      Build  a positive, informative profile

This is the most important part of social media page optimization. For anyone to start following your updates and events, they need to know who you are, and what you do. They can only know this if you give them relevant information on what you do, who you are and what you do. This is only possible if you can create a great company or personal profile, one that is informative and with some decency. Always remember that, it is only in creating a great profile that you will receive bigger audience. People decide on whether to be part of something once they have seen the reputation you or your company has to the public.

2.      Identify your goals and target audience

If you are running a company website or page, it is then mandatory for you to know your target audience. Identifying the nature of your audience gives you a chance to set goals and ambitions, as well as why you are creating the page. On Facebook, one of the major social sites, gaining more page likes is one way of gaining more audience and have your product known to the markets. However, you need to have your goals set, and plan well on what your audience should read and know.

3.      Update your profiles regularly with fresh informative content

One thing you need to know about optimization is that, informative content and activity is important for any profile on the social media as well as search engines. For you to make the best out of these, you need to craft carefully what you post on the social network page, say a Facebook page, and also make sure you update the page regularly. Any activity derived from the post shows that the page is active, and more people will be able to see the post and maybe like it, or even retweet what you have.

4.      Market your page to gain as many likes and follows as possible

For your social media page to gain a rank in these sites, you need mass marketing and follow up. If you use Facebook, Tweeter or even GooglePlus as your social sites, you can then have your friends and your friend’s friends like your pages. You can also gain a mass follow-up by using the social bookmarking feature from your website to bring onboard other readers on the web. However, for you to gain this population, you need to make sure you offer genuine high quality services or goods, as well as have positive reviews about your pages. You can gain these from friends and family members.

5.      Link the page with your company blogs

In social media marketing, blogs do play a major part in bringing in more people to follow a page, as they deliver crucially needed information on a regular basis. It is easier for you to gain ranks by using a blog linked to your social media page than just marketing it. However, these blogs need to be informative, announcing any events and products that are ready to be launched, and even announce events that are already taking place.

Activity on these blogs will help the page gain ranks by the day, which will eventually see you to the top of the news. By gaining these ranks, your pages will be visible to more and more people on these social sites hence give you a greater chance for increased traffic.

6.      Link all your social networking pages together

This is a great way of increasing your company visibility on social sites and in search engines too. Many professional companies use social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn to create online profiles and awareness of what they do. However, linking all these accounts together helps market your  pages by a greater margin.

7.      Show interest with other people’s pages

For you to make it on the marketing field, you need to show interest on what the other people are doing by following their posts, as well as commenting on them. When you place one unique comment on a rival’s page, you will be creating an avenue for the both of you to share links, which might even increase your page ranks on these social sites.

8.      Converse and bond with your target onlookers

For your page to gain traffic and more onlookers, you need to be able to communicate with them, and assist them whenever you can. This will help create some activity within your page hence gain ranks.

9.      Link your pages with your websites and blogs

Linking your web pages and websites with your social networking profiles and increases the amount of traffic that these pages get. This is another form of marketing your Social media profile for an extended visibility.  However, before you can link any company profile and page on these sites, you need to be sure that information on all the sites relate and do not differ in any way.

10.  Provide high quality links for your users to follow and gain confidence

Although an olden strategy, you can use your social media networking pages to give information on what services you offer, and provide a link to the mother website. This will help gain confidence among these visitors, and they will be glad to come back again.

11.  Move with technology and its updates, especially Google’s optimization updates

While optimizing and marketing your pages on social media sites, you need to be well aware of rules and guidelines that govern optimization, and abide to them. Deviating fromthem can make your paged be ranked lowly in these sites.

12.  Open discussions on your social sites to attract more people

Opening discussions and forums on social media networking sites is a great way of attracting more people to your page. However, you need to create something relevant enough and interesting for these people to be interested and start participating.

13.  Connect with your rivals to create a bond online

The greatest marketing strategy when in business is not fighting your rivals, you should try to create a bond with them. Doing this  helps you move as a force, attracting more visitors than you would do when you do it individually.

14.  Focus on the positive idea and not on critics

In whatever business you are doing, you will always find critics who will not appreciate what you do. The best way to deal with these people is to ignore them, pick what is best for you and leave trash out of your marketing campaigns to move forward.

15.  Participate on other forums

The best way to leave a footprint of your pages on social media sites is to participate in forums that other people have. Participating exposes you, and our profile to more people, which creates an avenue for more visitors to your page in their quest to know what you do or offer.