If you are searching for a hosting service to host your website or blog, then the main question that you might be facing right now will be whether to choose cloud hosting or shared hosting?

Both Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting have their own advantages and disadvantages and the priorities of each type of web hosting vary as per your needs and demands. So if you are faced by the question on whether cloud hosting is actually better than shared hosting, then today we are here with an article that can help you answer the question easily.

Is Cloud Hosting Better than Shared Hosting?

First let us get started with what exactly cloud hosting and shared hosting is.

A Cloud hosting service lets you host your website on a variety of servers. The main benefit of having the resources of your website spread across different servers is that the chances of a possible downtime is reduced quite a lot as even if one server hosting your website data goes down, there is always a backup server available to take its place thus providing almost 100% efficiency when it comes to website uptime. Also, in case of a sudden traffic surge on your website, your website server does not go down.

When it comes to a shared web hosting, multiple websites are hosted in a single server. One main advantage of opting for a shared web hosting service is that it will be cheaper as many websites can be accommodated within the same server where your website lies. However, if any one website hosted in the same server as your website experiences a traffic surge that might be more than enough to bring your website and also all the other websites hosted in the shared server down. Also, in case your shared server goes down you site surely goes down as there is no backup server available that holds your website resources.

Now to answer the question on whether cloud hosting is better than shared hosting, as mentioned in the beginning of this article itself, it largely matters on your priorities.

A cloud hosting is one of the most advised choices if your website incurs huge traffic loads and especially if you cannot afford to have a downtime on your website. Moreover, as cloud hosting servers have only a single dedicated website data hosted in them, the security offered by the cloud hosting servers can be specific and of high quality as well.

Pricing is where shared web hosting wins. Yes, cloud hosting services does offer quite a lot, however, when it comes down to the pricing of both the shared hosting and cloud hosting services, you do actually pay quite a lot for the services that you get out of a cloud hosting server. In case your website is in its initial stages, then what you need now is a cheap and reliable web hosting and that is why you should opt for a shared web hosting service.

Final Words:

Hope we were able to easily explain the differences between cloud hosting and shared web hosting. Do share your views on whether cloud hosting is better than shared hosting as comments below.