Do you use cloud storage frequently? And do you need access to the popular file-sharing site to share you content for the download? Your questions will be answered shortly. Storage has become a problem lately because many of the are providing storages which are free but at the same time they are not up to the mark.

Cloud Storage and File hosting have become so popular in short time because they have the options like no other storage providers can offer, and they are not only reliable but also very stable. Storage can be used for multiple reasons, but you cannot have the experience like you do in the iCloud, Microsoft and more.

Mediafire Android App Premium Account Review, which will reveal the awesome uses which cannot be surpassed by the Storage Giants.

There is no doubt that the Microsoft, Dropbox, and others have the best security speed, and they are reliable but sometimes you can put up a file which can be downloadable for the public and you cannot let the public to view a file from your Inbox or storage.

Mediafire Premium Account: What Is It About?

Have you ever heard of the popular file hosting sites called Mediafire before? It is one of the favorite sites when it comes to the storage and file hosting in the hosting industry. Mediafire is trusted by millions of users across the globe for its features and the features it executes it.

Mediafire has more than 5 Million active users on the site now, and Mediafire reported that many are now switching to the paid version or premium version of the Mediafire. Every day, Mediafire has more than 100 paid users each day, and their company is keep increasing.

Mediafire Premium Account: Features

There are many benefits when you are subscribed to the premium account of the Mediafire. But I will let you note few.

  • The first major feature of the Premium account is that you don’t have to wait till the ADS are viewed. In the free version, that is the worst issue.
  • When you are downloading the file from the Mediafire page, you have to wait for few seconds which will not happen when you have Premium account.
  • When you are downloading the file from the free version, the file download is slow and limited which is not the case in Mediafire.
  • In Premium version there is no Download Size limit, and you can download one file up to 20GB.
  • In the premium account, there is no need for you to add captcha.
  • Now you can download entire folders from the Mediafire Premium Account.
  • You can upload a file using File Drop option in mere seconds.


Mediafire is popular and is a genuine company which is located in Texas. Mediafire is secure and safe.

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