With technology at the forefront of our world, there is no doubt that there are many things out there that can help you with your education too. Whatever course you choose to study and whatever age you are, there are apps out there that are simple and effective in helping you manage and plan your studies. Below are a few apps that you could download whether you are at school, college or university.

Student Planners

One of the most important things to consider when studying is how you are going to plan around your work and life schedule. To ensure you do your work and leave time to do so, it is worth writing up a weekly planner so that you can see what is due in and when. Having an app saves you the hassle of carrying a hand-written planner around with you everywhere you go. There are many student planner apps available including Class Timetable for iPhone or My Class Schedule for Android. Have a look through the app store as there are many to choose from, so pick one that you like the layout of. If you are still choosing a course to study,qualityeducationandjobs.com will help, with information on different courses and the best schools to attend.


There are many apps that can help you with referencing, something many students struggle with the most! If you want to reference a textbook but you have no idea how to start, download EasyBib. All you need to do is scan the book’s barcode and it will automatically reference it for you. Just make sure to always double check the information as apps can sometimes leave things out, but until you become confident in referencing on your own this is a great way to see how sources should be referenced. You can choose from Harvard referencing to Chicago referencing depending on which method your school works with.

Lecture Capture

If you sit in a lecture scribbling down notes as fast as you can, chances are you are not taking in any of the information, and unless you have super speed, you will miss out information that could be vital. If you want to attend a lecture without this stress, download a lecturecapture app. These can record the audio from a lecture for you to listen back to and make notes outside of class. This makes it easier to pick out what is relevant and of importance to write down, rather than being worried about missing anything at the time. This can be great for improving your note taking skills in lectures in the future. If you want to be able to take photos of a presentation or whiteboard, Office Lens allows you to take photos of the screen which it will then convert into Word or PowerPoint file for you to easily save and look at later.

Using apps could save you a lot of time during lectures and could help you learn and study more efficiently.