It is six months since the release of Windows 8 in the local and online markets. And like always, this new piece of Windows is right now having a low rate of preference, which is essentially due to inundated bugs and also due to the fact that Windows 8 is right now vulnerable to a lot of malwares and viruses. Although, Microsoft gives away its Windows 8 with a pre-installed Antivirus – which is dubbed as Windows Defender, but the question is that whether this default antivirus for Windows 8 strong enough to bear the brunt of malwares and viruses for antivirus software windows 8. And if not, then which are the best antivirus’ for Windows 8 and why? – Well, the answer is all present right here in this article.

Windows Defender – Default Windows 8 Antivirus

The first thing which needs to be discussed is that whether the default antivirus software windows 8 is a good enough or not.

Previously, a detailed Antivirus testing program was held by a famous security website “AV Test”. According to the final results of this test, the default Windows 8 Antivirus, which is commonly known as Windows Defender comes at the 21st place out of 22 total products. The reason why its results inclined it to get 21stposition is because Windows Defender was abortive to a great number of dangerous, as well as normal malwares and viruses. However, other than this disability, the Windows Defender for Windows 8 is really accurate when it comes to the removal of such malwares and viruses.

So the final advice from our end, regarding Windows 8’s default Antivirus – Windows Defender is that this antivirus is not worth protecting your Windows 8 easily, therefore, installing another free antivirus or perhaps paid antivirus would be a much better option.

antivirus software windows 8

Here are a few strong antivirus software windows 8 which will protect your Windows 8 with almost 100% perfectness.

Avast Antivirus (Free and Paid Both)

This is probably the best free antivirus software out there in the markets for Windows 8, even I have been using this antivirus for my Windows 8 since 3 months from now. And, trust me, I never faced even a bit of problem while my experience with Avast Antivirus. It always alerts me whenever a malware is detected and the Antivirus database is updated almost every other day.

Avira Antivirus (Free)

Avira Antivirus is also one of the best free antivirus software Windows 8. It detects 99.7% of latest malwares and viruses. However according to the results of a few tests, Avira Antivirus for Windows 8 has failed to recover these malwares easily.

Norton Internet Security

All the afore mentioned antivirus softwares for Windows 8 were for free, but this is a paid antivirus for Windows 8 and trust me folks, according to me this antivirus is the most reliable Antivirus for Windows 8 as I have also used it on my alternate PC and have always came up with positive results. Norton Antivirus for Windows 8 can be bought for only $50, but believe me, this is worth a 50 dollar.

These were almost all the best possible antivirus softwares for Windows 8 as per test results and records.