There are unlimited number of colleges and institutions all over the world offering various courses in them. When a person is willing to take admission in any specific college the first thing that he looks for is the webpage that the college has; more or less the webpage serves as the attracting factor to the students towards it. The webpage in a way reflects the importance, value and success of that college or the institution. In addition to that nowadays the webpage of the college serves as the social networking site serving as a link between the students and the faculties. The webpage can also serve as the e-learning place.

These all aforesaid things may give an idea that it would cost a bunch of bucks to get a website like that. But instead of the common belief. These themes are provided by WordPress. Apart from the themes there are many plugins which are available to customize the webpage so easily. They can be used to protect the website, increasing the usability for speeding it up etc. Most of these themes are paid ones except few ones which are free of cost. Check it out..!!



This theme is considered as one of the principal theme for Schools, university and for business purposes as well. It is so well designed and crafted and approximately every element of it can be changed by the administrator. The page items can be managed via Page Builder. One can create countless sidebar, choosing over four fifty(450) fonts or more of them which can be customized. Further every of these elements available can be translated into any other language.


Any of the institution has to convey a good amount of info in a very short amount of time like texts info, audio and videos, curricula and academic calendar and many more. These all messages can be maintained so well by using this theme which features 6 layout options, custom menus, 6 colour styles,  featured images, mobile responsive theme options, fixed width and custom background.


Graduate Free Education WordPress Themes can be your one time investment to get fruits from it all the time. It avails the users all the specific features that may be required for education niche. It has been designed specifically for this purpose, further it has an increase theme CP(Control Panel) that allows you to editable every detail of the website.


It can be considered as a breifcase theme with a bit of twist in it. This theme is a great WP theme for all those who are in a need of a greatsite with looks and SEO. Further it features so easy to design module which makes it comfortable with the user. It concerns the education niche mainly but can be used for many other purposes as well.


It is a modern theme with tweleve colour styles. It is also voluminous for education purposes but may be used elsewhere.


It is a clean and authoritative theme qualify with a content, image,  slider with tabulate design.