Thanks to business savvy apps, smartphones and the business world are able to partner up in some pretty helpful ways. Whether your business needs help balancing a checkbook or keeping track of paperwork, there are apps available that cover all the bases. With that in mind, here are the five best apps with your business in mind:

1. Canvas Business Forms 

Whether on the go or in the middle of a meeting, staying on top of documents is a full-time job. With the Canvas Business Forms app, you can transfer all that inconvenient paperwork to your smartphone, thus making your briefcase digital.

Not only that, when it comes time to get those documents from your smartphone to the client, this app allows you to share data securely via the cloud. So, now you collect all the forms and signatures that go along with business meetings right on your smartphone.

2. HandyLogs 

When it comes to keeping track of your business expenses, sound financial management is all part of the bottom-dollar game. Luckily, the HandyLogs app tracks expenditures, travel costs and any other business related finances.

The app has other great features like daily expense charts, customizable lists separated into specific financial categories and automatic time stamps for all expenditures. With HandyLogs, the finance side of your business is covered.

3. Personal Lock Lite 

If you practically run your business from your smartphone, you need to ensure your digital office is safe and secure. With the Personal Lock Lite app, you’re able to encrypt all the information on your smartphone, including files and photos.

Instead of locking your entire phone, Personal Lock Lite allows you to pick and choose which files you want to encrypt. This not only adds to the BlackBerry 10 ease of use, it also makes accessing the files you need that much faster.

4. DataBackup 

A devastating event in the world of business is losing all of your important data due to a system malfunction. You should take the same backup precautions with your smartphone as you do with your office computer.

Smartphone backup is where the DataBackup app comes into play. With this app, you’re able to save all your files, folders, documents and system settings to a SD card. Although it’s not as advanced as the cloud, it’s an added peace of mind.

5. Recycle Bin 

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted an important business contact or document, then you already know how costly that type of mistake is. But, with the Recycle Bin app, you can restore contacts, files, memos, events and photos long after they’ve been deleted.

Not only that, Recycle Bin stores all deleted information safely and securely until you’re ready to either delete it or restore it. Finding those deleted documents is a breeze thanks to the app, which catalogues each file. The files are searchable by date or subject.

So, for business-minded individuals who consider their smartphone a business partner, the apps above will surely make your professional relationship that much better.