Android is an operating system that has taken technology to the next level. It was developed in the year 2007 and right from the very beginning, millions of people became hardcore fan of this technology. This operating system is mainly designed for touch screen phones or Smartphones and at the present time the demand of Smartphones is sky high. From the very starting till date a number of versions of Android have come into existence among which Android 2.1, 2.2 gained immense popularity and Android 2.3 phones has come up being the jewel of the crown.

Android 2.3 is truly faster than ever and instinctive at the same time. This version of Android is equipped with a number of interesting and advanced features like it provides a sleek interface for the users along with an advanced management facility. A number of Top mobile companies like Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Apple have incorporated these versions in their products and designed Android 2.3 phones that are holding a great market share nowadays. Let us have a look at some of those Android 2.3 phones.

Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone

The Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone is one of the most renowned Smartphone that is featured with the Android 2.3 version at the present market. If we talk about the Android 2.3 phones this one holds the top position in India. It is featured with a 4” multi touch screen with a 5 megapixel camera. It is an ideal cell for internet savvy people as it offers brilliant social networking facility. Apart from hat it has an excellent digital D pad, optimized processor with 1GHz CPU. It provides Adreno GPU processor for graphics which has made it a phone for gamers.

OliveSmart V-S300

OliveSmart V-S300is another most popular among Android 2.3 phones that many people are crazy about.  This is a handset that is featured with a 5 megapixel front camera with LED flash and 32 GB expandable memory aside. Apart from that, this phone is also featured with some outstanding facilities like Google map, TV;push e-mail, e- book reader. It also provides very good battery longevity.

Google Nexus S

When it comes toAndroid 2.3 phones, Google Nexus S is always there in the top list. This is indeed a great launch by the company. The set is featured with a4 inch high resolution capacitative touch screen display long with 1GHz processor and has 3G facilities as well. It is embedded with OLED technology that makes its screen look striking when turned on.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2is another Smartphone that runs on the 2.3 version of Android and at the current time this is the most demanded handset in the souk. It is equipped with 8 mega pixel camera and a display screen of 4.2 inch. This is surelyone of the great launches by Samsung.