Social networking use is increasing day by day. Today lots of social networking sites are there but whenever we hear about Social Networking then Facebook is the first name that strikes our mind. But my dear friends there are lots of other interesting social networking websites which are equally worth (in terms of use and user comfort) as Facebook. Here in this article, I am going to discuss about top 10 alternatives of Facebook so that you can enjoy social networking world to utmost level. All the sites which I will discuss in remaining article are authority sites and you don’t have to worry about any privacy leaks or anything like (unless you want yourself). So let’s start the list top 10.

Top 10 alternatives of Facebook

1. Google Plus

Google Plus is a social networking tool from Google. Google have launched it with one main motive of competing with Facebook. Google+ is a must have tool for all people who are indulged in any type of internet related profession/carrier. Google Plus allows you to share your thoughts, photos, events etc with your friends. You can arrange your friends in different sections which are known as Circles. One thing which I love don’t about Google Plus is their freedom to add anyone to Circles, means anyone (whom you don’t know even) can add you to his/her circle. This is bit irritating but except it, Google Plus is a great social networking tool which is giving head to head fight to Facebook.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a very popular social networking site. It allows easy sharing and connectivity with all online friends. Twitter allows its users to follow other users. Twitter is widely known because of famous celebrities. Most of the famous and talented personalities are active on Twitter and they keep sharing their day to day activities with their fans/followers. It is world’s most famous micro blogging website which accepts free registrations.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great social networking tool for all professionals. Here on LinkedIn you will find thousands of professional peoples with their bio-data’s along with them. It is a great platform for all who want to build healthy relations with peoples of their profession. Here you don’t have to search for your profession related peoples even. Once you have created your account with LinkedIn, it will automatically search peoples of your profession for you. it covers a wide range of professions which includes almost every niche like automobiles, engineering, doctors, bloggers etc.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a new social networking site which is growing with tremendous rate. Here on Pinterest you will lots of interesting material. It is very famous for photographs. It is said that if you are a photographer or loves beautiful pictures then Pinterest is a must join social networking platform for you. Here you can share anything in forms of attractive Pins. Here you can follow your favorite people, friends and colleagues. I am sure that in coming future, Pinterest will get huge success so better to join it right away.

5. Orkut

Orkut is one of the oldest social networking website. I still remember the day when I firstly created my social account on Orkut. Few years ago, it was alone leading the social networking race but after Facebook and other social networking sites, people migrated from it and today it is not that popular (which it use to have few years ago). However it is a great tool to share day to day activities with friends. You can easily integrate your Gmail or Yahoo accounts with Orkut which is an additional thing for Orkut users as they don’t have to follow the registration process again and again.

6. Myspace

Myspace is a very popular social networking tool. Like Orkut it was also a very famous platform before Facebook. Few years ago it was very popular especially in USA. Talking about today’s scenario it is still a popular social networking tool which is used by thousands of users to share their thoughts with their online friends. It gives you free space to upload your files to web which is a unique and very popular feature.

7. Bharatstudent

As the name indicates, it is a platform which is developed especially for Indian students. It allows you to share your feelings, thoughts doubts etc with all the Indian students who have registered with it. You can get solutions from some of the best students across India.

8. Indyarocks

Indyarocks according to me is one of the best social networking site for Indians. If you are a blogger then you must join it as it also gives you the chance to create free Adsense account easily. Few years ago it was used with the one main purpose of creating Adsense accounts easily but recently it has emerged out as a big Indian social networking site.

9. is quite similar to Orkut where you have the freedom to share your activities with friends. It suddenly loosed its high rankings but yes if you are looking for some good Facebook alternative then it could be a good option for you. is a free to join social networking website. Like all other social networking platforms it too allows you to share, post your day to day activities with your online friends. It is somewhere limited to India only and you will find huge number of Indian users here. So if you are willing to interact with Indian friends only then it could prove well for you.

So these are top 10 alternatives to great social networking website Facebook. I am not saying that Facebook is bad or the websites I have mentioned here are good. My main motive behind this post is to let you aware with the top alternatives and competitors of Facebook so that you can enjoy social networking world to utmost. If you have some other website in your knowledge then please share with us through your comments.