Karaoke is a rare form of entertainment for the people who aspire to sing. Karaoke software provides waves for the music lovers on their request. This eliminates the headache of searching for waves on the web. There are some Karaoke softwares that align well with Windows and Mac OS X.  Here is a list of top 10 Karaoke softwares for Windows and Mac:

KaraFun Player

The best feature about this Karaoke player is its easy interface. The simplicity it endorses is incredible. This karaoke player also provides for Synchronization with KaraFun library which enables the user to access more than 15,000 tracks. The Features equipped with this player are Tempo change, Pitch change, and custom animated backgrounds and live recording to name a few.

Siglos Karaoke Professional

Features such as tempo changer, playlist creation, song scanning are an integral part of this karaoke software. It is considered to be the most powerful karaoke software available in the market currently.

CDG Plug-in Play

It is a plug-in for Winamp and it would be the breach of conduct if it’s called karaoke software. However, once this plug-in is installed it can convert the Winamp into karaoke software. After this conversion, the user can avail features such as scrolling, palette cycling, etc.

Advanced Karaoke Player

The special feature about this karaoke player is that it fruitfully supports music extension of all sorts namely, WMV, AST, VOB, RM, RMVB and many more. It enables the user to convert the interface of player according to the situation, for example if it’s a business meeting, the interface would be turned into business mode and similarly it can adapt to situations and change its interface accordingly.


OneKaraoke works wonderfully well for the people who possess a system with low configuration. Since the requirement of this software is not high, any user with low PC configuration can make use it.

PC DJ Karaoke:

The ability of this software to support all type of music files sets it apart from the other karaoke softwares available in the market. Adding to the fact, it also sports a very casual and simple user interface.


The MIDI and KAR files can be played on this software and can structure the tracks according to their language. However, this software is available for the Window users only; it is highly acclaimed by the experts.


It has been considered as the best Karaoke software for Macintosh. It works in a simple way. The user can download the track and start singing it in the Karaoke format. The song that you perform can be transferred to the memory of iPhone or iPad with ease.


It enables the user to create karaoke tunes and thus send them to the iPod or iPhone. The tunes can also be burned into a disc and can be played anytime according to user’s need and requirement. The lyrics search stands out to be the best feature in this software.


One of the most popular karaoke software for Mac OS, iStar sports a very simple user interface which attracts many people to use it. Although the interface is simple, but it endorses many eye-catching features.