Smart TV’s are in trend as everyone likes the TV to be smarter and way better than it was a decade ago. Now there are so many TV’s which are coming into the market are smart. The Trend involves latest features and compatibility the smartphones, tablets and even laptops. If you have a smart TV and you don’t know about the features which are known for the smart television’s, then we have compiled a list of TV’s features which will help you use your TV in a smarter way.

How much do you know about your Android TV? Then learn how to operate and what features are available on the Android in Ten Tips.

Ten Tips for Mastering Android TV

Get to Know The Carousel

A TV which has Android features is all about creating the TV and its personalized services. You can customize the panel with the shows, videos, reality shows and movies. In an Android TV, there are many apps which come inbuilt so that you can watch your videos on Youtube, Facebook, Gmail, Netflix and more comes inbuilt in the TV itself.

Voice Over Search

Have you ever heard of a TV Remote which has QWERTY keypad? If you are using Netflix, Hulu and Youtube can you use the old-fashioned numerical keypad to type and search for the movie, show, and sports? That is exhausting because you just cannot get it right.

Android Smart TV’s has inbuilt MIC which enables you the ability to use voice commands which will help you search your favorite content on the Internet at a distance without any hassle.

Inbuilt Google Cast

Ever heard of any cast screen? Well, in other words, this is more like Screen Sharing Device or Technology.  Apparently, you need a smartphone which has the same model or Any Cast Screen option, and you can connect your smartphone to your TV, then you will able to view the Photos, Desktop Screen and more. I think this is an idea is good for Viewing Images and Screen.

Remote Functions on Your Smartphone

Android OS is very smart, and you can connect your smartphone to the remote and then operate your remote functions using your smartphone.

Auto Scheduled Turn Off

You can set the time when the TV can do to sleep when there is no activity. You can do that by going to the Settings > Display > Timer Sleep.

Authenticate Now

First, you need to contact your cable provider because this won’t work unless your cable operator supports the feature.

Get your controller ready

Google Play is one of gaming spot for all latest Android games and apps, if you are planning to play the games on your TV, then you should be able to use the actual controller. Game Keypad is required you better get it.

Listen while you work or play

You can listen to the music, news and concerts from live streaming channels. For example, you can listen to the CNBC news in streaming mode.

Don’t forget to update your apps

The exciting part is that you can update the apps on your TV. You can do that from Google Play Store > My Apps.

Connect To The Controller or Remote

If you are a gamer and you have people around you who are playing along with then you can connect your Controller’s to the TV.


Here is the list of 10 features which you can use to make your TV more smart.

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