The selfie expert brand Oppo has recently launched a new smartphone called Oppo F3 Plus which comes with dual front camera setup for taking excellent selfies. The device is dedicated to all the selfie lovers; it is capable of capturing jaw-dropping selfies at lighting speed. Read the full article to know the pricing, availability and main highlights of this selfie expert Oppo F3 Plus.

Oppo F3 Plus Pricing In India

The selfie expert device Oppo F3 Plus brings a massive price tag with it. As of now, the device is launched with a price tag of Rs 30,990 in the Indian market. Keeping other brand’s smartphones in mind, the current prices seems to a little high.

Oppo F3 Plus Availablity

Well, there’s no official sale going on for the Oppo F3 Plus. The device isn’t launched commercially yet. However, it is available for Pre-order on online stores like Flipkart. The open sale would go live on March 31st on Flipkart and other online stores. It will also be available in retail stores to purchase.

Oppo F3 Plus Main Highlights

The main highlight of this device is its dual front camera setup which captures selfies at lighting speed. The battery capacity is also increased to 4,000 Mah battery which is said to last long for at least 2 days even on intense usage. There’s a lot of improvement has been done in the fingerprint sensor as well as which unlocks your device super fast.

So that’s all you can expect in this device, do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.