The internet is a tremendous core for copious peculiar and weird things. There are numerous websites on the internet correlated to a plethora of sections like technology, games, music, videos, films, sports, gizmos, electronics, shopping websites and more. If you often use the internet on a PC then, you try to access some websites to come out of the boredom. To explore some interesting and bizarre stuff across the web, there are numerous websites on the internet. If you are not knowing about such websites, we have included some of them in this post.

All in your time, you might have not still converged tons of the websites. The mysterious things that you come across will surely make awestruck out of excitement. Nevertheless, a  single life wouldn’t be enough so as to explore all the websites present on the web. We are really thrilled to present you some of the interesting and cool websites present on the web. If you are pretty tiresome and feeling fatigued, you can check the immense collection of the best websites 2018 that wipes out your boredom. Take a look!

Websites To Kill Your Boredom

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Top 10 Best Websites to Kill your Boredom – Most Interesting:

1. Windows93

We all are aware of Windows 97, 2000 and the latest versions Windows 8 and 10. Have you ever heard of Windows93? If not, visit the website Windows93 through this post. One of the best ways to wipe off your boredom is to visit this website. This website enables the users to use Windows93 on their browser.

It indicates that the users can use each and every software, game, etc., that you had already used in your olden days on Windows. You will definitely get excited whilst using Windows93 as it throws you back to your golden days.

2. Stranger Meetup:

As of now, we have bounteous messaging apps that let the users communicate with your friends. There is an interesting website that lets you meet up with strangers. Through the website namely ‘Stranger Meetup’, one can meet new people and make them friends. It is the best place for those who are interested in chatting with strangers. There is a possibility to use the chat meetup service available on this website sans registration.

However, to acquire the best experience, the users can become a member by registering on this website. Some of the best features offered by this website include free and clean chat on the web. One can stay connected with the strangers and become real-life friends. The users will receive emails and app notifications whenever a friend sends you a text message. One can join the public chat rooms on this website for free provided they should have an account.

3. Madeon’s Adventure Machine:

Another interesting website on the internet is Madeon’s Adventure Machine. This renders an excellent DJ experience while using this website. On this website, one can easily create their own electronic music through simple taps. After accessing this website on your device, you can view a few tiny square buttons present in 3 different colors.

Just press any of the blue squares and the music begins. You can find squares in different colors. Only one person can play the music at a time. Some of the colors include red, green, yellow and more. each square delivers a different music like drum loops, bass, sounds and more.

4. The Zombie Dance:

Zombies are one of the scariest elements on the planet, especially on the internet. You can notice the zombies dancing on this website. It’s really uncanny, right? Have you ever witnessed zombies dance? Then, you must surely visit this website to watch how the zombies dance and shake the internet.

5. Gravity is Fun (Gravity Points):

We all know that earth has gravity which means the things that we throw towards the sky will fall down on the surface. This happens due to the gravitational force. Have you ever experienced gravity? This website will offer you such experience of gravity in an interesting manner.

Once you land on this website, you can view masses that move all through the screen. You can tap at any point on the screen. A point will display on the website. All the masses will move over that point. Tap any number of times on the screen and all those points will attract each other and generate a single mass.

6. YouTube Map Explorer:

YouTube is an incredible video streaming website on the internet. Here is a strange website in the name of YouTube Map Explorer. It allows the users to search YouTube on a Google Map. Based on a random location, you can listen or watch your desired videos. it displays the videos that are uploaded from the location you’ve selected on the Google Map.

It is an innovative way to search for new videos on YouTube. There is a possibility of switching between the new and classic modes just by tapping the switch on the top left corner of the screen.

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7. The Faces of Facebook:

It is another interesting website for all the users who have a Facebook account. On the Faces of Facebook, you can find different Facebook profiles at one place. Moreover, it is the coolest website among the millions of sites on the web.

By randomly clicking on the screen, you can see hundreds of profile pictures of strangers. If you wish to send a friend request to them, you need to use your Facebook account. It is not a website that misleads others and never use the private data of the people like photos and names.

8. Find the Invisible Cow:

This website is like a puzzle game wherein you need to locate the cow which is invisible on the screen. It is a unique website which you might have ever experienced it before. All you need to do is to just click the screen on this website. The sound of the cow will be audible once you place the cursor on the screen.

Whenever you click the screen, if the cow is near to you then, the sound will be louder. If you are moving the cursor away from the cow then, the sound becomes less audible. Based on your skills, you need to locate the cow and find it out in a few seconds.

9. Chill the Lion:

Chill the Lion is another coolest website that involves a funny experiment. Soon after landing on this website, you can find a lion made of wooden blocks. All you need to do is to chill up the lion. There is a wind fan alongside the lion.

You need to press and drag the wind fan across the lion in a circular motion. You can point the fan towards the lion in any direction. The ultimate goal is to chill the lion with the wind. Get appreciation from the lion!

10. Geo Guessr:

Geo Guessr is another cool and interesting website that can be considered as a game. If you have pretty much knowledge of geography then, Geo Guessr is an excellent platform. This game comprises of two different modes i.e., single player and challenge mode. Just like the sounding, this gameplay is pretty simple.

The player must guess the places as shown on the website. Just select the guess and fix it as your answer from the map. The Geo Guess game is totally based on the Google Maps. The challenge mode will be more interesting as you can play with other players online.

Final Words:

That’s it! Here ends the list of the cool and interesting websites 2018. Hope this list fills your leisure time much more fun and entertaining.