If you’re thinking of studying for the LSAT, then you’re going to feel stressed out. That’s normal – everyone who prepares for the LSAT feels that way throughout the journey. All you need to do is come up with a study schedule and find the best resources. Some of those resources are free and will improve your chances of law school acceptance.

Register for the LSAT

The first thing you should do is register for the LSAT. All you need to do is register for the LSAT online with the official LSAC website. Choose a date and time that works for you. This is an important step because once you register for the LSAT, you’ll have to commit to a test date and you won’t have to lie to yourself by telling yourself there’s time to study.

It’ll also make it easier to say no to those activities or parties, because you’ll know how much time you need to study for the LSAT. To determine which LSAT is the best for you, it’s important to set aside enough time to study. This can help you come up with an effective study schedule. Dedicate one to two hours each day to study.

Free LSAT Practice Test

The official LSAC website is the perfect resource for LSAT practice tests. You can find practice tests under the LSAT information and prep materials. You can also download the free “Official LSAT Prep Test,” which is also referred to as the June 2007 administered LSAT. Taking this practice test is the first step to a successful LSAT preparation journey.

Free LSAT Proctored Exam

The great thing about the June 2007 Prep Test is that it’s used by most schools and LSAT prep companies. But it’s not the only proctored exam that’s available on the internet. There are plenty of online LSAT prep companies that offer free LSAT proctored exams. By searching for free LSAT proctored exams in your location, you can find a scheduled test with actual test conditions. This means the proctored exam is actually being timed.

Free LSAT Superbook

If you haven’t received a fee waiver from the official LSAC website, then you need to take advantage of it. The fee waiver pays for LSAT-related books, preparatory exams, and other related expenses. The fee waiver program allows you to receive an official copy of the LSAT SuperPrep II, which is the authority for the LSAT. The Superbook includes a guide to the LSAT, three complete PrepTests, and sample Comparative Reading explanations and questions.

Most students who join the LSAC website don’t realize they qualify for the fee waiver program. You might qualify without even knowing it. The best way to approach this program is to submit an application and wait for the final decision.

LSAT Prep Books

Once you’ve come up with a LSAT study schedule, you should find for some of the best study materials. It’s important to choose a LSAT prep book or two. There are many books to choose from, but the best ones are “LSAT Unlocked: 2018-2019,” “The LSAT Trainer,” and the “Princeton Review: Cracking the LSAT Premium.”

In addition to choosing the right prep book, you can also take a preparatory course. If you’re struggling with the content or the thought of creating your own study schedule overwhelms you, then you can find a course that comes with a set schedule. The great thing about these courses is that they’re free and available online.

If you enjoy the flexibility or if you’re trying to squeeze LSAT prep into a packed schedule, then you can take an LSAT prep course online at your own pace. Either way, you should book your course early and base it on the studying practices that worked for you in the past.

Passing the LSAT consists of coming up with a game plan and a study schedule. It’s also important to stick to that plan. Don’t forget to take advantage of free resources such as mobile apps, which can help you study better and get through college. By shifting your focus on your strong and weak points, you’ll be able to pass the LSAT and increase your chances of law school acceptance.