The buzz all over India is ‘4G’, people know that it is the successor to 3G but have no idea how better it is and how it can improve connectivity significantly. 4G stands for fourth generation and comes after 3G and 2G and so on. Another jargon that is attached to 4G is LTE, this is an acronym for Long Term Evolution and is a 4G technology. The primary objective of a 4G LTE connection is to provide users with faster and more reliable broadband internet connection for your gadgets like smartphones, laptops and tablets.

A 4G connection is 5 times faster than your previous 3G connection and as mentioned on-paper it can provide download speeds of up to a 100 Mbps. But, for a faster 4G connection you need to have a handset that is 4G enabled otherwise your new connection won’t work. The reason being is that 4G uses different frequencies to transmit data and your existing 3G enabled handset won’t be able to do that.

LTE was created by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) so that 4G can achieve its stated speeds. If we look back to 2G, the speeds provided by this technology wasn’t enough to unleash the full potential of our smartphone. Then 3G came along and it provided decent speeds for our smartphones, but there was also an advancement of technology overall, HD video streaming, HD video calling, super-smooth multitasking, faster web browsing etc. 3G wasn’t able to provide us with such speeds that performed all these tasks smoothly, resulting in lag and other hindrances.

When 4G was announced it promised to be faster than your home broadband speeds. This meant that performing high bandwidth tasks was simple for 4G. And 4G has kept that promise and is able to stream HD videos, perform HD video calls and other tasks flawlessly. New features such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE) also come packed with certain 4G enabled smartphones, which is an HD voice and video call feature. Instead of using a Skype or other 3rd party applications you’d just use your mobile number and place the call using your regular dialer and call interface.

4G mobiles are manufactured in abundance after the introduction of this new technology. Mobile companies know the importance of a 4G connection and are leaving no stones unturned in producing the most affordable 4G enabled smartphones.