SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service. It is actually a text messaging service available for all the users having a mobile phone. It makes use of the standard communication protocols to provide mobile devices to send and receive short text messages. The 90s kid might be definitely aware of the SMS as it was the only means of communication apart from the calling service. People can send SMS to their beloved ones through the messaging feature available on a mobile device.

After the evolution of the instant messaging platforms, the usage of the SMS has become very less. The users have the ability only to send and receive text messages from a mobile device to another phone. There are some websites that help the users to send unlimited messages to the mobile phones for free of cost.  In this post, we have come up with a list of the top 10 SMS sites to send unlimited SMS to mobile or cellphones absolutely for free. Have a glimpse!

SMS Sites To Send Unlimited Free SMS

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Top 10SMS Sites to Send Unlimited SMS Free to Mobile Phones

We have compiled a huge list of the best SMS websites that help the users to send unlimited SMS to mobile phones absolutely for free here:

1. 160by2: is a popular website that helps the users to send free unlimited SMS to any mobile phone. You can simply sign into the website using your phone number. It then lets the users send unlimited text messages in India and other countries as well. Some of the countries include Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and more.

2. TextEm:

TextEm is another popular free text messaging website that helps the users to handle your commonly used contact numbers. You can even receive the text message replies to the inbox and an email address. It helps the users to send and receive MMS messages apart from the SMS. There is no registration charge for using the services from this website. There is no limit on the number of text messages you can send through this website to any phone number. Each message should contain a total of 155 characters and not more than that.

3. Way2SMS:

Way2SMS is a widely used text messaging website available for all the users. It is quite similar to the 160by2 website as it was designed and launched the same firm. If you are unable to access the 160by2 site, you can access the Way2SMS website. The users need to create a new account using their details. You can even send a group SMS to your favorite persons’ mobile numbers.

4. SendSMSNow:

SendSMSNow is another best website that helps the users to send unlimited text messages to their beloved ones. It lets you send text messages to different mobile numbers across various countries. All you need to do is to simply select the country, enter the mobile number, type the name of the sender, enter the message in the body and hit the send SMS button. There is a feasibility to view the history of all the sent text messages. The limitation of characters per message is 130 characters.

5. Txt2Day:

Txt2Day is another topmost site to send free text messages to the mobile phones without spending a single penny. The users need to have a decent internet connection speed to send the text messages. Just like the other SMS sites, you need to type the destination mobile number, email address and the message that you want to send. You will receive all the replies related to the text messages to an email address. For the recipient numbers, there is a service provider lookup tool.


6. FullOnSMS:

FullOnSMS is a popular text messaging site that lets you send unlimited free messages. This website is constrained solely to India. However, this site can be accessed at a high speed and it is a reliable platform. The users can send messages to the mobile phones and it will be reached to the destination mobile within 10 seconds. There is an additional feature of creating group SMS to more than 1 person. The users can download wallpapers for free of cost. You can even select the messages from the website to send to different people.

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7. SMS Genie:

SMS Genie helps the users to send and receive unlimited text messages to the mobile numbers. The users can easily view the history of all the sent text messages. In addition, the users can view the received messages inbox on the website. One must create a new account on this site using their phone number. There are both the free and monthly subscription plans for this website. The free basic plan allows the uses to send and receive 100 messages per month. The users can send and receive 2000 SMS per month by paying $5 per month using the Select plan.

8. 24SMS:

24SMS site has a simple user interface with no tough options. On the home page of this website, you can find an optional field ‘From’ that lets you receive the text message replies to your selected number. This website is also available as a mobile application for the Android and iOS platforms. There is no registration required for sending or receiving the SMS through this website. This website can be accessed across 163 countries across the world in addition to the US and Canada.

9. Text For Free:

Text For Free is another best SMS website that lets the users send messages to their favorite contacts. On the home page of this site, you can find an optional subject field that lets you identify the recipient. You don’t have to register on this site to send the messages. The users can send 140 characters per each text message.

10. Site2SMS:

Site2SMS is another popular free SMS website. In addition to it, this website is a popular online portal that lets you make free voice calls from the internet to different mobile numbers via online. There is no hectic registration process to send the free SMS.

Final Words:

That’s all! These are the different websites that let you send SMS to the mobile phone numbers for free. Hope this guide has helped you to send unlimited text messages for free to the cell phones. For more doubts and queries, drop them in the comments section.