Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just someone who enjoys playing a bit in your spare time, we can all do with a good quality graphics card. A lot of people don’t think this really matters and end up spending cheap on any old card, which only leads to problems down the line. We want our gameplay to be at as high a level as possible, and a good graphics card will go a long way to ensuring this. That being said, you need to be able to actually choose a high-quality card, as we believe there is a specific card which could be just right for you- the RTX 2070 graphics card. But why this card, and what sets it apart from others on the market? Should you actually consider buying one? Don’t worry, we’re here to give you the lowdown on this top of the range graphics card.

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So, what actually is a graphics card? It’s more or less a piece of technology which is used to control the signals which produce an output (or image) on your monitor screen. They are inserted on the PCI slot on a motherboard and play a pivotal role in the quality of your picture when gaming. Factors which determine a good graphics card are a high number of pixels, and therefore high resolution, and higher contrast. These are just two of the factors and there are plenty more that play a part, but you get the gist. Simply speaking, a better graphics card gets you a better image.

So why should you choose the RTX 2070 for your gaming? Well, first of all, it’s new and cutting edge. It takes advantage of all the new technology that is offered up in today’s gaming world, and it does it well. It uses NVIDIA Turing architecture which gives it a real boost over its rivals, and it’s actually claimed that this card has performance rates up to 6x higher than previous models.

The most impressive thing about the RTX 2070 is the realistic graphics it brings. We know there are other graphics cards out there which are very impressive in the realism their images bring, but this card almost feels as though you are watching real life on your screen. The graphics are absolutely phenomenal, and we know how good this can be for your gameplay. You feel even more immersed in the game than usual, and almost feel as though you’re part of a whole new world. That’s what gaming is all about, after all.

This graphics card also makes good use of all the new technology available today. It can ultra-quiet performance rates and you won’t even know it’s physically there. This will leave you to enjoy your gaming without having to worry about a noisy background and any distractions this would bring up. Memory speed is higher than ever, and this really is an amazing graphics card overall.