With an every new day you will find a new launch in the market, not a single day is left when a phone has not launched around the world. As per the market scenario a lot of phone manufacturing companies launch their products in worldwide market. And results come as the full range of phones in the market which more or less only to make you confused while buying. Some has very good features which are able to fulfill all your requirements, some are good looking which says don’t wait to buy me I will surely suit your palm and will help you to get famous among your friends and in public, some says we are for your pocket size, and some says just buy us you will see the difference whenever you hold us in your hand and do not think about our high price tag.

It’s a fact that the people are changing their phones thrice or more times in a year, the time will never come back again when people used to buy a small average looking expensive phone with lot of efforts and use that for four-five years continuously. But in present scenario all situations have been changed, with the launching of new models all the time.

The first factor, always, is the budget; whenever you think to buy a new phone your pocket size controls all the stuffs. Even if your budget is under Rs 5-6,000 then still you have the option of good resolution camera and other multimedia feature. If you have decided to buy a phone in this price range then the next problem is you have to choose a best one between high profile brands and the “Chinese-Brands”. Make sure you are good and understand all the features which phone is incorporating. The physical dimensions and features of the phone should be according to you and its buttons shouldn’t be too stiff.

Smart phones- just take a look all around you and you will be surprised to find that even children are playing with smart phones and in wonderful manner, people are usually refer to buy a smart phone only because it offers all features and applications which you need throughout the day. In smart phone arena, the first problem which a buyer faces is whether or not to go with a full sized touch screen phone. Then I would say, just prefer that option in which you find yourself comfortable. Second platform which comes is the platform on which the entire phone runs- Android, iPhone and BlackBerry are the most common and used platforms. The iPhone hardware and software are both give the stunning feel to use, but the cost is really very high.Latest all market is filled with Android and almost all companies are offering the latest Android platform which gives your phone a decent and attractive look and also allows you to access millions of application. It helps to make your phone according to your requirement and also easy to afford. But there you will get a bit inconsistency and difficult to use. BlackBerry offers you the service of BlackBerry Messenger which has its own numerous features to make you facilitate.

We have 8 points to make your phone buying experience a better one

1.      Budget

As mentioned earlier, the basic and the most important thing is your budget, which decides which phone is for you. Before going to a store just pass through internet and check the phone options you have available according to your pocket size. First decide your budget and get stick to that. So spend your money carefully with keeping this point in your mind.

2.      Touch or Type

There are many options available for you if you consider this point. You will find a full touch screen phone; also will find a full keypad typing option phone and also find both options in a single phone touch and type. They are nothing just to make you relish and to offer you the comfort option. I would suggest you to spend some time on your friend’s phone to make fit your fingers for your expensive Smartphone.

3.      Software Updates

If you are going to buy an Android based phone then just keep this point in your mind that do not buy anything lower than Android 2.3 today, otherwise you will stuck with the older version of software and capabilities. Try to buy the latest version of Android.

4.      Battery Life

The basic wish of every buyer is the smart phone which does not need to get charged again and again, or feel afraid to use the phone for longer times due to the weak battery backup. The latest full screen phones sucks the battery a lot, so buy a good brand phone which assures you the good battery backup.

5.      Search the Market

Do not be afraid to search the market for your phone. It’s your right to scan the whole market and then spend your money on the best one. You will also get the difference in the price tag of different-different dealer of your phone. So spend your money wisely.

6.      Global Standards

It is clear that phones are not for just calling features but still the basic purpose of a phone is the calling option. The persons who used to travelling or prefer travelling jobs should check for global data standard support in addition to the usual GSM/CDMA bands. You also need to connect to the high-speed data network on your phone.

7.      Accessories

Only to buy a phone is not enough, you need some extra accessories such as headset, hands-free kit, a good storage capable memory card, etc. there are so many brands or companies available in the market whose prices varies as per their brand name. Choose the best one which fulfils all your requirements and also comes in your budget. So do not forget to buy a protective shell too with your phone.

8.      Syncing and Storage

Many mobile companies are providing an advance feature of online storage space. In which you can store all your data-contacts, messages, photos, media files, documents etc. at a single online space where all your data stored safely. So make sure whether the phones available in your budget range can sync all your data.

Just follow above mentioned 8 points and put your feet into the gadget store. Nothing to worry about anything you will get the best phone with best offers.