If you are a regular Facebook user then, you might have come across many Facebook pages in your new feeds. With just a single LIKE, we can get the updates from that particular page without their approval. If you are one among those who are interested to know more about Facebook pages, then this post will clear all your doubts.


Why do people create Pages on Facebook

People used to create pages on Facebook for various reasons. Let’s see them one by one

1. Facebook Pages on the name of celebrities

This includes Facebook pages on Movie stars, Sports stars, Political leaders etc. I used to see many number of pages on a single celebrity and those pages will be maintained by their Hard core fans. Even there are Celebrities who updates their Facebook pages on their own

2. Facebook Pages For websites

Creating a Facebook page is the best way for Site admins and bloggers to interact with their visitors and fans. By sharing the links on their pages then can even drag good amount of traffic to their site. Normally bloggers work hard to increase No. of LIKES for their pages so that they can get more traffic from the Facebook

3. Facebook Pages for Fun and entertainment

Few people used to create pages to entertain others .they used to share lot of jokes and facts on them. I used to see many such pages. Though they won’t fetch them any sort of money. They will just do that for their entertainment and its part of Facebook addiction. There day’s posts on “TROLL”’s too many . . .!

4. Facebook Pages on movies/songs/albums

These days even movies and Albums are getting promoted on Facebook often, this helps the Movie makers for better publicity on the Giant social networking site Facebook.

5. Facebook pages on gadgets

You can see lot of pages related to mobile phones, laptop and even pages of their brands

6. Facebook pages on software/hardware Companies

7. Pages on Particular software and hardware

How to create a Facebook page

By reading all the points mentioned above you will definitely get an idea about the purpose of Facebook pages. Here is a Quick guide for you on, “how to create/delete a Facebook page”


Creating a page is not a Rocket science you can do this quite easily. Just follow the steps carefully and you can create a page of your own.

1. First go to here https://www.facebook.com/pages

2. Click on the green button “Create Page”


3. You will be redirected to page with 6 categories. Just select one of them, and choose a category from the list provided. Enter the page name in the input box provided. Mark the terms and conditions for your Facebook page and click on “get started”.


4. Now you need to configure your page in a bit more interesting manner.  First set your profile picture, then add a small description about your page, make sure that its short and clear, so that people can easily go through it. Add a username for your Facebook page and then by skipping the ads option you will be redirected to your page’s timeline

Your Facebook page is now created successfully

How to delete a Facebook page

Deleting a facebook page is easier than creating.

1. First go to your page and click on “edit page”, which will be at the top of the page and select “Manage permissions”

2. At the bottom of the page you will find an option to delete Facebook page. If your page has above 200 likes then it will take 15 days to get deleted permanently, otherwise it will get deleted instantly.

Difference between Facebook page and Facebook profile

You may think that “why don’t we create a Facebook Profile instead of Facebook Pages?” here are the differences between Facebook profile and Facebook page

According to Facebook, Profiles are meant only for people where as Facebook pages can be used for different purposes as I mentioned above. So, Facebook provided many settings and options for the Facebook pages keeping the requirements in mind. Let’s see them one by one

Admin management

For a Facebook page you can add multiple profiles as the admin’s of that page. Any admin can post on the pages. All the admins will have equal rights to access and change the settings for the page. Even one admin can remove another admin. Recently Facebook added few other positions other than admin like content creator, advertiser, Manager . . .  etc

In Facebook profiles we can’t add other as admins to any profile. So Facebook pages are lot more comfortable than Facebook profiles.

Facebook Chat

Facebook pages are not provided with chat option because  for the pages with millions and thousands of likes, chatting with many people at a time might be a headache for admins…!

But in the case of admins,as you know Chat option is provided.

“SEEN” for Facebook pages

This is a new option pages on Facebook it will show the people who have “SEEN” that particular post. This is available only for the Groups and pages which are created recently and if you are create a new page or a new group you can make use of this option

For Facebook profiles this feature haven’t been provided yet, but Facebook may introduce this in future for profiles too.

Limitations on No. of Friends/Fans

The maximum number of friends for a Facebook profile is 5000 after that they will remain as subscriber to that profile. After that you can’t accept friend request.

In the case of Facebook pages, there is no such limitation; you can have as many likes J


This is an awesome feature which is provided only for the Facebook pages. With this you can analyse a lot about your fans. You can analyse your friends country wise, it will show you exactly with number of people from each country liked you page till now. Even you can get the number of people from each age group had liked your page. There will be clear graphical representation of likes reach for your page.

Insights feature is not Provided for Facebook Profiles.