Google always wanted to be the first to explore the Internet first fancy and trending stuff. They started their social networking sites which were “Orkut” acquired from Google employee Orkut, and later on, they shut it down and started Google plus, but it seems like it did not deliver what they were expecting from it.

Google’s New Smart Messaging App

Since the Apps has taken over half of the market, now they want to hit the Smartphone market with their new messenger Google “Allo.” The much-anticipated app called Google Allo is not available officially on iOS and Android, later on, it will be available on Blackberry as well.  The new Allo can take your texting to another level and deliver the better experience of texting.


Are you wondering would Google’s new messenger can make any difference which can stand out from the crowd? Well yeah, there are a couple of features which you would like, and it would help professionals more than ever.

Google Messenger “Allo”: Smart Reply

Google’s loves what you think, and it tracks your conversation where you use words which are prone to use and the smart reply suggest you quick replies, and it would take some time and learn about your habits. The app does stand out of the crowd.

Google Messenger “Allo”: Incognito mode

An interesting feature which has not been seen in any messenger and that is ‘Incognito’ mode, which can be seen in Chrome browsers. Well, not every conversation is public and you need some private space and have a conversation is end-to-end encryption, which is better on Google Allo. You can apply the setting to the Notification bar and also set an expiry date to it.

What is End-to-End Encrypted Conversation?

This part is for those who need an explanation of the features, and rest can skip the next paragraph. End-to-end encrypted conversation is present for those who do not want the third-party to look into your conversation.It can be anyone or any individual. In short, you can start a secret conversation.

Google Messenger “Allo”: Google Help Bot

Google is also known for Google bot based assistant, and it will help you in finding, updates, search, maps, upcoming flights, the distance between you and your destination and more. You can find many things within the messenger. You can even find the nearest hotels, restaurants and even holiday places around you to plan out a trip with your friends in the chat.

Google Messenger “Allo”: Who Will Use It First?

  • Professionals, who are connected to their clients about their progress. Professionals can send, receive and do more which can only be done on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Those who have more than just one friend. Currently, Whatsapp has the best Group chats option the world, so I cannot guarantee that you would replace it with Whatsapp.


Currently, Google is standing tall in many businesses from Smartphone industry to Internet industry. You cannot predict if the Google Allo can become next big Messenger which can replace the Facebook, Twitter and even WhatsApp.

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