Your company needs a website that can engage and retain visitors. Business websites have to look a certain way and must be professional, and there are two basic ways of deciding the design – You can either choose one of the ready templates or can hire a professional company for website designing Singapore. The eventual aim of the project remains the same – To create an impressive business portal that stands out. So, which one is better?

Let’s compare both the choices with a look at the various aspects that matter:

The case of free and ready themes: Today, website builders are in huge demand, and then, there are independent web designers who have themes on sale and for free on many platforms. Ready/free themes are great for business owners who prefer a more hands-on approach to web designing. For example, if you are just planning to try a small website for your company before investing more money, this is the best possible approach to the job. You need to be careful about how you use free themes and ready templates, because it is necessary to select one that matches the needs of your brand and can truly represent the actual intention

On the flip side

Free themes and templates are often not flexible enough to accommodate customized needs. Since the same template is being used by hundreds of other websites and companies, chances are high that your website will not be a unique one. Most of the time, customized themes are preferred, because it allows a company to actually recreate the ideas they have for the brand. Secondly, ready and free themes can be expensive when you seek extra features and support. Some developers may customize the theme for you, but it comes for a price, and eventually, you may end up spending huge over a period of time.

The case of web design companies

Web design companies work with clients in a collaborative environment and help them in creating a website that will work for their needs. This is a complete customized process, and many agencies deploy a bunch of web developers and designers for the job. In fact, the work is done to match the brand needs and overall values of the client. Web developers who work on custom themes allow clients to take a call on every aspect, and the price is decided based on the scope of the project. If you choose the right web development team, they may even help with on-page SEO, social media optimization and other aspects.

On the flip side

Custom web design services can be expensive, especially if you compare with ready themes. That’s probably the only downside, which technically shouldn’t be a matter of concern, because this is a onetime expense. Your website is the face and focal point of your online marketing campaign, and it only makes sense to select a service that’s viable, reliable and will do justice to the value that your company stands for.

In conclusion

If you want to create a unique face for your company’s online presence, custom themes and hiring a web design company is the best you can do. Of course, free templates are tempting, and there is so much you can explore even in paid themes that are ready for use, but the eventual look will always be a copied one. Consider tweaking your budget and evaluate what your brand really needs before taking the final call. This could be the only expense on the website for the next couple of years, and that extra price for a professional team is worth paying.