Gone those days when you have to wait around so you can watch your movies and favorite shows.  Well, thanks to the technology as they develop the streaming apps that help you in watching whatever content you like without any time limit and boundation. Not just that you can enjoy different contents from a different side of the worlds. 

But again, there are tons of options, choosing the best one can be difficult. But for making it simple make sure that whatever you choose for streaming, it suits your requirement and need. Well, if you are hunting to get steaming apps for your android, then here are the best suggestions that you can get.

Get the best streaming apps for your android here?

#1 Snagfilms

Well, Snagfilms movie apps can be used on different devices which include video game consoles and other various platforms. Not just you can use it on your android device but also you can get the best movie suggestion. Unlike other streaming apps, Snagfilms let you share the suggestion regarding the films and other things on different social media platforms. Besides that, you also get the option to stream your movies through it. For making your hassle less, you get the films divided into different categories that help you in getting your favorite genre films in one place. Along with that, you also get divided sections where you can stream the recently added content too.

#2 Cartoon HD

If you are confused that this app only lets you stream cartoons, then it’s not just that. You can also stream the best contents divided by the basis of different aspects which includes the genre, year, popularity, and name. Because of this, streaming contents and finding your favorite thing to watch turn much easier as well as hassle-free.  Not just that, the movies and other things you get are also grouped on the basis of their theme such as you will get 3D contents in one place. You can also save your favorites and stream without any issue with Cartoon HD

#3 VideoMix

There are different options that you can get in the market when it comes to streaming apps. Well, VideoMix is counted as one of the oldest apps which offer the streaming movies and other contents for the androids.  However, here you won’t get eth HD contents too much but still, the app is good in different other aspects. The app offers a collection of good contents which is sorted on its year, genre and country. If you want to watch your movies on the bigger screen, you can also use the chromo cast function of the VideoMix which allows you to get the best experience.

#4 Megabox HD

Megabox HD is counted as one of the best apps that help you in streaming the best quality movies on your android devices. Not just that, you can even download the HD movies and TV shows without any hassle-filled process. It will directly save on your Android too. Along with that, the navigation, as well as the browsing here, is one of the easiest options you get.  If you want to switch qualities while watching the videos or films, the app lets you choose the preference in between 360p to 1080p.  Apart from that, for making your experience much bigger, you can easily use the chromo cast for watching your movies on a bigger screen with complete ease.

#5 Cinema Box

Well, the app was previously known as Playboy HD but now this android app changed its name to Cinema Box.  Even the name changed, the app is still holding its performance and providing the best streaming experience to the users without costing anything.  The app allows you to do the search, download and other things with the simplest process.  If you want to watch something or you have any request regarding this app, you can also post your request with the help of in-app interface. Not just that, the app comes with kid mode that you will get in the settings which help you to keep your children away from inappropriate contents.  Not just that, you can change the setting whenever you like as everything is already given in the app.


These apps are surely the best options if you like to stream videos, movies and watch different content. Along with quality and quantity, you also get a bunch of useful feature for making sure that you are enjoying the whole experience.  For knowing more about these apps and how they perform, you can choose any and try on your own.