Windows 7 provide you a hell lot features that compel you to replace Windows XP from your system. If you have done so already, then let me tell you that your decision is totally right and today I am going to give the list of free fonts download for Windows 7. There are many fonts that come along with Windows 7 but still you can download the extra fonts to make your written content, more attractive. There are many websites providing you free fonts download for Windows 7, but I know you may not like the idea of scrolling the pages to get the best fonts for you. Therefore I have made your work easier by listing the free fonts for Windows 7.  Let’s have a look at them.

Arial Black

To start writing anything, the very first you need to define is the topic. The font used for the topic/heading should be quite attraction and should be visible from far away. Arial Black is the perfect font to do so. Arial Black reflects the heading, in the way, it should be.

Aparajita Italic

Free Fonts Download for Windows 7

If you want to get the writing work done in Hindi Language, then Aparajita Italic is the font you need. This types the words in Italic format and in Hindi Language.


Nyala font is mostly used for typing the office related letters. This font displays the words with good spacing in them, making them easily understandable. Because of this cool feature, t stands in the queue of free fonts download for Windows 7.


It’s not any text font but contains the emoticons and images that can reflect your mood or behavior among any specific topic. It is a set of small icons that you can use to reflect your attitude towards the things and thus can save the time typing other text.

Lucida Console

If you want to go away from the trend, then Lucida Console is for you. With unique look, this one stands in the list of  free font downloads for Windows 7. This one is mostly used to write some important text so as to make them attractive.

Arial Bold

Mostly used to create headings or to write something, that holds more value as compared to other text written in the phrase.

Windows 7 has replaced the previous success of Microsoft, the Windows XP, to a large extent. Well, it’s not any surprising thing as Windows 7 comes with a bunch of  amazing features. Along with many features, the one which is to be on the note is the availability of number of fonts to choose from. While the Windows 7 comes with a huge list of fonts, still you can get free font downloads for Windows 7 to extend the list further. Yeah, Windows 7 allows you to install the new fonts as well and there are a hell lot of fonts that you can choose from. To do the choosing process simple for you.