Well, as you might be familiar that Windows 8 has finally found its way to market and chances are there that you might have installed in on your computer. But there are many people who are still stick to Windows 7 and if you are also one out of those, then this article is going to be useful for you as I am going to list the best download free fonts for Windows 7. So let’s check out the 3 download free fonts for Windows 7.

Arial Black

Want to highlight any specific text? Arial Black font is the best way to do so. Arial Black is the most used font to reflect any special word from the phrase. If you are also typing a huge phrase and want to highlight the important words, then Arial Black is the perfect choice for you. Not only highlighting the words, this one can also be used to create headings.


If you want to write something in Hindi language, then this one is for you. There may be many cases in which you need to type in Hindi instead of English. This is where this font plays a major role and do the trick for you. This one is specially used in schools/colleges and offices as well.

Segoe UI Semibold

Simple but effective and is mostly used in the office purposes. You might have seen it in the bank statement as it displays the text perfectly which is easily understandable for everyone. Moreover, you can use it to create headings as well.

So it was the list of 3 download free fonts for Windows 7. I hope you liked them and will give them a try now.