Android phones slow down with time because it allows applications to run in the background. The Apps running in background won’t be visible for us. Background apps alone won’t make our mobile slow down. Cache memory can also make our mobile to get slow down or it will get hanged. If its your problem then here is a solution.

Steps to speed up your mobile by stopping Background Applications:

  • First find the unwanted applications running in your android mobile
    • Go to Settings->Apps
  • Just pick the unwanted Applications and Uninstall those.
  • If any unwanted apps is running in background then just force stop those.

Steps to speed up your mobile by clearing cache memory:

  • Power Off your mobile.
  • Now press volume down down button and after few seconds press power button without releasing volume down button.
  • After few seconds release both.
  • Now a new screen will appear.
  • Use volume down to scroll and volume up to select.
  • Scroll to text ‘Recovery’ and select.
  • A screen will show an android symbol with an exclamatory mark and a text ‘no command’.
  • Press power button for few seconds. Now without releasing power button, press volume up button and release both.
  • A blue screen will appear with list of texts. Use volume down and up button to scroll the selector and power button to select.Scroll to wipe partition and select it. Text will appear at the bottom showing wiping cache.
  • Please wait until it clears cache.
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